The New Toy

Yesterday Jim and I went into town. We had a $5 coupon for best buy and I wanted a CD that I could not download on my Zune for some reason. After watching Donna's Video of Lauren I just had to have the Dixie Chicks Lullaby in my collection.

We then went to Old Navy because they sell the best dog toys in town. Toby's latest was getting a bit ratty. We got him 2 new toys (one for now and one for later) and I swear he knows the moment that we walk in the door that we bought him something. Now you may thing we are cruel because we only seem to buy Toby toys and not Gypsy but Gypsy just does not play with toys we have tried and she won't touch them. So she got a cookie, instead.

Toby does not let that toy out if his site or smell. It was too funny he got in bed with me last night while I was watching Amazing Race and burrowed under the covers with the bird on top. Jim came in and saw the toy on the bed and throw it in the hall with out saying a word. Toby came out from under the covers and ran into the hall and brought his toy right back.

We are pretty sure it has been buried in the yard at least once already but it did not stay there for very long. Good thing too because it started raining hard and it would have been soaked.

So I wrote this at lunch and I planned on coming home and getting a cute picture of Toby with his new toy to post. I could not find it when I got home so I figured he had taken it outside. It has been pouring all day so I put my hood on and make Toby follow me into the back yard. He tried to go back in the house but I said "No we are going to find your toy." I asked him where it was and went over to the crawl space and then looked back like 'are you really going to make me dig in the mud' So I said "Yes, get your toy!" keep in mind I am getting very wet at this point. He dug it out and ran into the house fast as he could. Now the toy was completely dirty so I threw it in the washer then I remembered pictures. I have got to get better at this picture thing.

So here you go. The filthy toy in the washer and Toby next to the nice spot he left on the carpet. See why that carpet cleaner was a good idea.


All clean, how long will it stay that way though?


Jimh. said…
check out his toes and the spot on his nose!

Buy a Jack Russell, they like to tussle.

They can cause trouble, sometimes more than double!
That is tooo funny.. well I guess you get to use your new carpet cleaner..
Toby is tooo cute..
Have a great evening..
can't wait for Jon and Kate plus 8 tonight..
Margaret M said…
Too funny!!! I neded a laugh. This was so funny!! Enjoy your week...may it be short!
E said…
They still sell CD's?!!
LOVE the freshly cleaned toy..
tooo cute..
Cute toy! Even the dog looks cleaner!
Grandma Blog said…
Toby is giving it the sniff test, and thinking "I'm gonna put you in the ground again so you'll smell better".

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