Visitor of the Week and a Puppy Cat

Yippee, I was visitor of the week over at Custom Blog Designs. I love to stop in and see what cool things Diana is up too and I am honored to be visitor of the week. Even though it has taken me a week to get this posted, maybe for me she should call it visitor of last week. There is even a prize to go with it, woo hoo! I am all about prizes! Although I am not all about decisions so I am not sure what I am going to choose.

So head on over and check out Diana's Designs, maybe you will be visitor of the week next week.

Diana's also got a great sense of humor and created a little award for my dear hubby but he has threatened me with bad pics of me on his blog if i post it so since I live with him I better be good.

But I will give you a hint Super Cute Bows were involved.

We have often referred to Sully as our puppy cat since he is a cat that tend to think he is a dog. We got Toby and Sully about a month apart and they have been best friend ever since. Apparently the Dog traits are stronger than the cat ones because Toby rarely acts like a cat.

Well Jim decided to cut Sully's mats out the other night and missed. He kinda got some skin. Ooops. You can get his side of the story here. But I thought you might enjoy some before and after pictures of Sully. Now he is truly a Puppy Cat as he resembles a poodle.


How fun.... Can't wait to see what prize you pick.. Diana does great work..
Poor little Sully..
glad he is doing well.
Have a great evening..
HA HA Jim... I am finally first..
Jimh. said…
Yeah, Kim...I let you.

I would not say she's got much sense of humor...considering what she considers an award.

Poor Sully...he seems like such a tiny kitty now.

Cool you got a prize! Maybe Diana isn't so bad afterall...
Grandma Blog said…
Sully is adorable with or without fur. No wonder he acts lika a dog. He probably thinks Toby and Gypsy are his parents.
Oh my goodness Sully looks like he doesn't like his new hairdew!!

We had a cat that acted like a dog too! He was just 8 weeks when we got him and we had a new puppy at the same time. He would actually wag his short stubby tail. It was hilarious.

Humm an award with bows for Jim....
I can only imagine. I do remember that picture.

Congrats on your award! What are you going to do with your blog?
I like it now too though.

Have a great weekend.:)
I know that Jim LOVES me and it just too shy to post his award!!

Thanks for all your great comments at CBD!
Amy said…
OMGoodness, Sully looks lovely (almost rabbit-furish...I hope that doesn't offend him). Well done, Jim!

And I really enjoyed seeing Diana's great designs. I'm thinking now that I have gained the technical wizardry to paste a slideshow inside a post, I should treat myself to a "real" blog design! You're my guru, Cora! ;)

Hugs, Amy
I hope a bath wasn't included. lol

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