23 Months

We have been logged into China for an amazing 23 months today. I say amazing since I never thought we would have waited this long and still be so far away.

I have been busy and sick so I don't have a cute scrap page for this month. Maybe next month at our 2 year mark I will do something special, maybe not? You know 2 years just does not seem that long ago and yet it is a lifetime.

Hope every one is having a good week, I have to say, is it Friday yet?


Happy 23 months girly..
I know it seems like forever..but in the same sense..it has gone by kind of quick..
I am with you all the way ...
Love ya...
bring on the babies..
Hopefully we have a little speed up..
And as for Friday.. for once I agree with you..lol..
Hope you feel better soon..
Jimh. said…
Almost 2 years...when does it end? I hope sooner than later. Still, I wouldn't spend it with anyone else. Love ya.
Another step closer! Happy 23rd. I can't believe its almost two years too! Feel better!
Kelly and Todd said…
Happy 23 to you guys. I hope you feel better soon.

-- kelly :-)
Wendy said…
Happy 23 months!!! Let's hope we have a good set of true rumors this month!
Grandma Blog said…
I cannot even imagine how hard it must be. Most of only had to wait 9months and it seemed like forever.
I hope the time goes into fast forward for you.

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