8 months

I had this post all ready about how we have been officially signed up for 8 months for the Burundi program. But I can't post it. I am feeling rotten tonight. I sorta asked my agency for updates through the online group for the Burundi program even if there is nothing big to announce apparently that was a mistake. I feel like I was publicly chastised for wanting a little more information. I just can't seem to get things right and I am really starting to wonder if this parent thing is ever going to happen. I am sure I will feel better tomorrow but I tonight I am just upset.

Today it was blue sky and the sun was shining and it snowed. I was pummeled by icy balls of snow all the way home and I had to wear my sunglasses. Well that about sums up my moods, sunny with a 90% chance of ice balls dropping out of the blue sky.

Next post will be the peasant dresses that I worked on all day yesterday! They are going to be awesome!


Jimh. said…
I think they were miffed at my post, too...do you think we will ever be in the winner's circle?

Funny how you can't voice your frustrations on the site they have set up supposedly for that purpose.

That's o.k., we can be outcasts together! I love you!
Okay so are we the 3 Musketeers?

I am sure I am on their black list now and I was hoping to be on their pink list!!! Oh well.

Crazy weather here too! We got around 4 inches today of snow.

Keep your chin up! We can stick this out together guys!
Big hugs,
We are all here for you girly..
Love ya tons..
Tomorrow will be better..
I can't wait to see the dresses...
They will be sooo cute..
Have a great evening..
Grandma Blog said…
You would think the purpose of the site would be to encourage each other when you get discouraged. Instead of that crap.
I was amazed to see the snow and sun at the same time. That must be rare. I have seen it rain during the sun before, but I don't remember ever seeing it shine and snow at the same time.
Sorry that you had such a crappy day but I too sometime wonder "if this parent thing is ever going to happen" . Hugs to you!
Amy said…
Oh Cora and Jim, I'm so sorry. That just really stinks. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel.

Try to take heart. I know...I AM SURE OF IT to my very core that you guys will be parents. You already are. You just haven't met her yet. {{{Big Hugs}}} heading your way from CT.


p.s. I think your Grandma is the best! I love that she checks in on your blogs and comments and offers support and says words like, "crap." Do you think she'd consider adopting another granddaughter? xo
Brian & Christy said…
Hi, My name is Christy I came across your blog and was reading your post and couldn't help but think that was exactly the way I was feeling but with no ice balls. I hope you have a better day today (3-10-09) and I can't wait to see the dresses. I keep watching you blog and you can check out mine sometimes
onemorebaby said…
Introducing myself! (A fellow state of Wa'er) Wonderful blog! We have alot in common... but now my dh and I are 6 months into getting licensed to foster/adopt. I will be checking in to hear great news on your journey to your children! Hugs...
Angie said…
hang in there Cora. About 1 year ago, I posted something that someone "shook their finger at". The only reason I didn't chime in, was we had contacted the agency the day before & voiced our discontent with the situation. Not sure I am any better off now, vs before...frustrating for sure.

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