Box full of goodies!

Kim sent me a box full of goodies that I got yesterday but I was too tired to post. She was sending me some fabric for a quilt that I am going to make for her and so she decided to include some others stuff!! So here is what she sent me some: Water globes for watering plants, you all know how much Jim likes his plants so those will come in very handy. A Momiji doll that is just the cutest, pictured above. A very cool T-shirt that will help bring 2 beautiful children home from Africa get yours here! A beautiful glass Christmas ornament of a asian girl! A lovely heart shaped candle and holder. Also we went together to get our girls cute little dolls (stupid minimum order rule) and I can already see LM and Isabella dragging them around.

And last but not least it would not be a package from Kim if it did not include some clippies!

So I intended to get alot more pictures in this post especially of the me wearing the awesome shirt but either the camera was not cooperating or the photos just were terrible.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope everyone had a day full of Luck and Good Fortune! (more than I had with this post)


I am sooo glad you like all the goodies.. Can't wait to see our girls with their dolls and clippies in their beautiful hair..
Happy St. Patty's Day..
Jimh. said…
Yep, that's some cool stuff!

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