I Didn't Die!

So I survived the evil cold virus, well it is not completely eradicated but I think it is surrendering like the French in a world war (sorry that was for Jim, I had to do it). And it is a good thing too because I have been getting dress orders like crazy, ok not crazy yet, but enough to keep me busy. Which is great I hope that I get more orders! There are a few fabrics that I have not made anything out of yet and I can't wait to see what they look like put together. I have already sold out of one fabric so I need to go and get more. I hope they have it and I hope others start ordering the other fabrics because they are all super cute I promise!

Tomorrow is Friday!! I love Friday, well I love Friday afternoon. Weekends just simply rock when you work all week. I will be working on sewing all weekend but that is Ok I love sewing so it does not feel so much like work. Oh and the weather is finally looking like spring so that is great! I love having four seasons and as much as I love winter and snow, I love to see it go and the flowers start to bloom. Our daffodils are beautiful I just wish they were out front instead of in the back.

Ok sorry that was kinda of a ramble and since I have not pictures lately here are last years flowers to brighten your day!


Grandma Blog said…
Yes, this springy weather looks so good. For a change.
Margaret M said…
Thanks for the flowers! They are gorgeous! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
BEAUTIFUL flowers..
Glad you are feeling better..
I hope I am not making you tooo busy...lol..
When you are done with those.. I will order more....lol..
Have fun.. can't wait to see them finished..
Jimh. said…
What's that saying? Oh, Yeah! It isn't a World War until France surrenders! Ha, you made my night!!

I am glad you are feeling better and So hapy to see the sun...did I mention I only have to work a half day tomorrow?

Love ya!
Peta-maree said…
Glad that you survived. I have had it for over 5 weeks and still no sign of it letting go. I love the flowers. We are in fall here and the trees are all starting to change colour.

Have a great weekend and cant wait to see what you do this weekend


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