I Might Be Dying

Ok it is just a cold but I felt like I was entering the seventh circle of some demonic cold virus last night. This cold has hit me hard and I am not liking it AT ALL. Why with all of the wonderful medical advances can they not come up with a cure for the cold? Seriously, virologists (like any read my blog, ha ha) a cure would be nice.

And to all the meth heads that made it impossible to get a decent cold medicine after the pharmacy closes I want to hunt you down and cough in your face. But that would probably not matter because your stupid drug has the good stuff in it. Not only is your drug habit a serious drain on society, you have made it impossible to get a good sudafed with out your drivers license, social security number, mailing address, 3 phone numbers, an affidavit from your next of kin, the rights to one of your kidneys and your first born child. Sorry a little ranty but really is the restriction on cold medicine really reducing the use of meth or is it just making my life miserable?

So I finally get everything in order to sell my dresses on Little Miss's Blankets and Stuff (seriously check it out if you haven't it is way cool) and I get this stupid cold that has zapped all my ambition. Oh well, I will push through and colds don't last forever right?... RIGHT?

So tonight I hope to at least get some fabric washed, dried and pressed, and maybe a pattern printed and cut out. While sipping hot green tea and telling Jim repeatedly that I hate COLDS!


Sorry your feeling so blah!!!
Jimh. said…
I think we are all on the same page with hating colds. I wish I was nearly s well spokn as you! Love ya!
Anonymous said…
You are not the only one with a cold that has got her down. I have been coughing up a lung or two for over a week and a half. Dad thought a couple of times he could call the undertaker but I fooled him and coughed in his face. In the meantime, he is fighting his own fight with the mucus bug. They sure are green... Here's hoping you will live long enough to make another blanket. mom h
Grandma Blog said…
I can say one thing,you sure know how to express yourself. And I agree 100 percent. Hope you feel better real soon. Just don't lose your will to live. We need you !!
Hope you feel better soon..
you have lots of sewing to do..
Love ya..

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