Monday Blahs

I hate Mondays. I don’t particularly like the rest of the week either but Mondays are the worst. I just feel dull, I have another word but I decided to keep it off the blog. The weekend was good and I truly enjoyed the extra day although I did not do much.

I did get a little sewing done and I will blog more about that later. Today is just one of those days where everything bugs me. Worked bugged me, emails bugged me, blogs bugged me, I was just bugged.

Nothing is happening on the adoption front. Well I guess China is still crawling along they referred 4 days this month but there is still such a long wait I almost don’t mention it, but at least I know we will eventually get there. Who in the world knows what is happen in Burundi? No, really, tell me if you know, our agency doesn’t seem to. I assume things are happening behind the curtain but no way to really tell.

Ok enough of that, I plan to totally zone out and watch The Bachelor finale tonight. I hope that tomorrow is Tuesday and not another Monday.


Jimh. said…
I have had those days before! Today stared out that way, but it turned out pretty good! I hope tomorrow looks better from the other side.

Love you!
Hope tomorrow is better..
Bachelor is getting good..
It gets more interesting every time..
Grandma Blog said…
I felt that way today and I don't know why. The sun was out and that usually determines my moods. If it's cloudy, then I'm cloudy.
Margaret M said…
If you weren't already on edge, the Bachelor finale could have pushed you there. can you believe that? I am having a Monday on a Tuesday. Hope your day was better today!
Amy said…
Oh Cora, I am slow catching up on my blog buddies after a blog time-out.

Poor you. I hope today was a heck of a lot better than Monday!

Hey, tomorrow's "Half-Way Day!" It's all downhill from there, girlfriend!


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