More Drama? and the future

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. I have considered taking some time off but we will not be able to go any where since Jim can’t take any time off. This summer we have at least one weekend planned and we will find some time for another one or two somewhere.

I emailed our agency about the ages of the children in the orphanages and did not really get an answer other than it was too soon to change my profile. Huh? Don’t know what that even means. But I am just fed up with it all. I was also spanked again for speaking in a derogatory tone toward the agency. I did not intend it that way I was trying to offer a suggestion but that is beside the point and I basically already told them that. Are they going to bring that up every time I talk to them now? I don’t think I can even respond because if I do I might, in a frustrated and irritated, moment tell them that I quit and they can just take my adoption and shove it, and I won’t really mean that. I know that is not the way to think but I just can’t deal with them right now.

So I am just taking a break and not going to talk about adoption stress for a while. A part of me wants to completely retreat from the blog world, the email world and the real world. But I don't think that I can really do that. I did un-subscribe to the agency yahoo group emails. If they have anything important to say they will call us, I hope. (oh and Jim still subscribes so I am assuming he will fill me in but he knows I need a break)

I am going to be sewing and hopefully selling. Diana is going to be making over my Blanket and Stuff blog and I plan to post more over there as the Etsy thing is not really working out. I am not sure how I am going to do it but I guess I will learn as I go. I plan to make at least one dress in each of the patterns and then I will have example. I can then just show the fabric combos and make the right size instead of just guessing at what people want. I will also be selling my blankets and lovies and anything else that I can whip up. Jim might also do some paintings and put them on there, who knows? He is wanted for his mad color book skills at the schools.

So I may not be giving any adoption updates for a while or be on speaking terms with my agency but I will be keeping busy and maybe earning some money for the adoptions. If they don’t work out maybe I will just take a cruise.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday the 13th. Enjoy the preview of what I have been working on.


Jimh. said…
That dress is much cuter in person! Of course, I don't mind shipping coloring book pages out to anyone interested...for $20.00 a page!!! Wah ha ha ha ha!!

I think you re getting REALLY good at those dresses...maybe you should make a summer dress or me...
Sorry to hear that the agency is a being a pain..
Don't they get it..
NO >>NO>>>NO>>>they don't..
I am here for you girly..
Can't wait to see the updated blog and I am goingto be introuble with all this sewing going on..
you know me..and clothes..
Love ya..
love the dress..
Christie said…
Can I just say - how you stay as positive as you do, amazes me!
Wendy said…
I completely understand about taking a break! And why agencies have to be a PIA sometimes is beyond me. I wish I would have known about my agency's antics ahead of time because I know I would have made a different choice. UGH to them!!!

Love your sewing by the way. You are too talented!
Amy said…
Oh Cora, I hear you. The agency stuff can be so frustrating. We ended up having to switch agencies several months into our paperchase and it was such a hassle and a let-down (not to mention a financial kick in the gut). I'm just going by what our BTDT friends have to say, and praying that it's true...once our children are in our arms, suddenly all of this awful stuff will seem a distant memory.

You are so talented, Cora. This little dress is adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing your new website!

{{{Hugs}}}, Amy
Kelly and Todd said…
Hi Cora --

I'm sorry to hear that things with your agency aren't going well. In my opinion they should be one of your biggest supporters - after all, of all the agencies out there you decided to work with them and not someone else. I hope the break brings you some peace. Hang in there!

The little dress preview looks AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait to see what else you sew up in the next few weeks. New dresses and a new blog - what fun - I can't wait to come back and see all of the new changes.

-- kelly :-)
Margaret M said…
The dress is beautiful!

I have taken breaks from blogging when I felt I couldn't share my feelings. I felt disconnected from my friends. I will support whatever you decide. Hoping you stick around...I for one would miss you!

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