More New Stuff and a Long Day

Look at the adorable outfit Kim sent me!! I got it on Friday but just got the pictures taken today. I absolutely love it thanks Kim! LM will look great in this! (sorry the pic is sideways, I don't know how to stop blogger from doing that)

Also Last week Diana at Custom Blog Designs made me some new buttons for both of my blogs. They are great. I would love for you to grab them and post them on your blog if you would like the codes are in the side bars of both this blog and my Blankets and Stuff Blog.

Blankets and Stuff

Little Miss What's Her Name

Speaking of the blankets and stuff blog I spent a lot of time this weekend working on orders! not as much as I would have like since someone has a Birthday tomorrow and we were busy celebrating with his family tonight. I did manage to get 5 dresses cut and ready to go and 2 of those are mostly put together. I will finish them up this week. I am also working on another project for a friend and am trying to get that together also. The only thing really keeping back is that the cold that I have been battling decided to abandon it's retreat and hit me in the sinuses with full force. I am on the defensive with Tylenol cold but if you read my previous posts you know my feeling about how useful that stuff really is.

I need to go get some rest, hope everyone had a good weekend, I am sad to see it go.


Jimh. said…
those are awesome buttons...I need to put them on my blogs! Love you!
Love the buttons.. but Diana always does a great job..
the outfit was sooo you..
And as for the sewing.. you got a lot done..
Can't wait to see them finished..
you are doing very well..
Happy Birthday to Jim..
I already told him on his blog..
Have a fast week..
Margaret M said…
love the jungle is so cute. Wish me wee ones were a tiny bit smaller...sigh! I was sad to see the weekend go too! hang in there this week.
That outfit is adorable. I luv it.

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