New Service?

I thought maybe I should offer a new service, mending! Ok before you sign up check out the pictures. (I have close ups if you want to see how terrible it can be) I figure I will market it to all those wives that want their husbands to toss out that torn up shirt or ripped up "favorite" pair of pants. I can guarantee that they will no longer wear these items in public. In hind site I should have used crazy girl fabric and purple thread but pink works don't you think? So do you think there is a market for my mending services?

Also I thought I would document why I don't teach. A little Brat (Ok a harsher term has been used to describe this adolescent but I thought I would keep it clean for the blog) smacked Jim in the back of the leg with a softball bat last week. There was some confusion as to what actually happened but most of it came out this week. I hope he gets the book thrown at him, you just don't do that! But he is surviving although I think he should get it checked out he is sure he is fine. At least he can walk on it now which was better than it was last Saturday.


Jimh. said…
Hey, I have pretty shapely legs! I'm surprised no one has asked me to become a leg model!

Thanks for mending my sexy shorts. Honestly, I can't understand why you are not throwing yourself at me all the time with those shorts and those legs! I must be irresistable.
Love the shorts..
Men.. what can you say..
As for the bruise.. I guess you were not kidding.. that is awful..
I hope that kids has some serious detention..
Have a great day..
Grandma Blog said…
Ouch !! That's terrible.

Some pretty good mending I would say. It works.
Oh man...I shouldn't have read this right before going to sleep...I think I might have nightmares!

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