OK OK I Quit for the Night!

So my goal was to get this dress mostly done tonight and post tomorrow the finished product but this is where I am and I quit for the night. Notice the glass of red wine, yes it is needed after trying to get the ruffle right 3 times! and no, I did not start the wine before sewing. All I need to do is attach the ruffle and then attach the bodice to the skirt but man this ruffle is KICKIN' my rear end! So I am going to give you a preview and sorry this one is not for sale it is for me after this much work I would have to have a mighty fine offer to even consider selling it. Oh and the fabric is absolutely gorgeous, don't ya think?


Jimh. said…
I love that fabric...and I think a little girl running round in that would be cute indeeed!
Peta-maree said…
Love it love it love it. It is going to look fab on a little girl running around chasing her wonderful parents.

The ruffle will happen just go to bed and look at it again on Saturday
Michelle said…
Love the colors!
Ok... that is BEAUTIFUL..
You go girly..
See I told you ... YOU CAN DO IT..
Now get back to sewing..
Love ya..
Have a fast day..
I hope mine goes by fast..
Grandma Blog said…
Let the ruffle wait until you are more unruffled. I bet it will fall right in place. It's beautiful and she will be the belle of the ball in it.

ps. the word verication they want is hanne. Maybe a cute name for Miss whatshername. Might put an A instead of an E on the end. Just a thought from the old great grandma.
Anonymous said…
I tried to write a comment on Dad's phone but between his help and the smaller screen to type on I got fit to be tied. Just wanted you to know that I do love the colors and style of fabric you are using. Little Miss will be beautiful and sweet in that dress. The ruffles will be wothy it. OH! DARN! Our computer desk's key board holder just dropped to the floor......... I quit with computers...Ok, not for long. Love ya mom
Ok.. I am thinking I would like one of those patchwork dresses in the fabric that you made the lovey..I love those ..
Hope you are having a good day..
Get that ruffle done girly..
Want to see it finished..
LM is going to ROCK..

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