Slow Week

Is it me or is this week slow? Monday started off icky and Tuesday was a little better but not much. I did not sleep on Tuesday night so I was in pain all day Wednesday, just achy and joint pain from not sleeping. And today, is just, well, Thursday, nothing special except I did sleep better last night so less pain today. So we will make it to the weekend right?

Tomorrow I get to come home early because the cable guy is coming to install our phone. We are switching to cable phone to try and save us some money, we'll see how it goes. But you all know the cable company (they are the same everywhere) he will be here sometime between 1 & 3. If I am not here at 1 you know he will leave and we will have to make another appointment but if I am here I'm predicting that he won’t get here until 5.

So I guess that is it. I have been doing some more sewing and I can’t wait to show it off. I hope to be done by this weekend with this particular project. Then I will start on something new! I am hoping to sell a few of my creations, and maybe make some money so that we can put less on credit when we travel to get our babies. The blankets are not going well but then again I need to do something to promote them.

So hurry up week I need a break!


Jimh. said…
Cable should be least we'll be able to make calls anywhere in the state! Thanks for doing that. I can't figure why they won't make appointments for later in the day, probably just like making sure e suffer as much as possible.
Can't wait to see how the cable phone works..
I am ready to also see the goodies you are making.If you make me something in a size 3T for Sophia and a 2t for Mia I will buy from you instead of off line..
Love ya girly..
Margaret M said…
My week has flown by. Lots of emotions ups and downs. I am so looking forward to the weekend and can't wait to see what you have been working on!
E said…
I waited from the 12-4 and never saw the man. So at 5 I called and they said he was running late! I said ya think you could have told me that 4 hours ago? So it was then 6! Still no cable guy. I had to leave, then I called again and they said they stop working at 5. I was pissed! So I left and while I was at the store guess who called? THE CABLE GUY! He wanted to know why I wasn't home!

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