Sweat and Tears....

that is what makes a patchwork dress for a baby!! OMG, I am done Whew!! I can hardly believe I finished. It was gather after gather after gather and then the longest ruffle that I have ever seen. But it did not beat me and it is fantastic! I made in 18 months size and I actually wish I would have gone a bit bigger I think that bigger patches would have been easier to work with but it also would have meant a ton more fabric. Here is the finished dress, enjoy because this is not a pattern I plan to repeat often.

and just to show you how full the skirt really is

My next project is working on a few dresses for my first paying customer!!


Jimh. said…
I think it is beautiful. Now, what are you charging for that? $350.00 or $400.00? I think it's priceless!
Grandma Blog said…
How adorable. I know it was a lot of work, but so worth it. It's a keeper forever.
Edna said…
That is sooo cute!!
Wendy said…
It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it so much! You have some serious talent there girl!
Holy moly! That's a lot of fabric! It's so beautiful! Good job!!!
Carrie said…
It is beautiful. You should keep it for little miss so she can have something mama made. Her in it in pictures and as a keepsake. I have a green dress that was special to me that I wore as a baby that grandma c bought and I still have it. Tender memories.
Great job..
Usually the things that take the longest are the BEST Accomplishments..
Just look at how long it is taking for our daughters to get here...
Happy SUnday..
Love ya girly.
WOW that is beautiful. Best I can do is sewing on a button. LOL
That is absolutely beautiful!!! Wow what an adorable dress for your sweet girl!

Jim, Thanks for your honest post on AAO this morning. I followed it up and hope I didn't offend you guys at all. I know how difficult this wait can be. It must be even harder thinking BB was coming soon and the lack of communication from them has not helped. :(
Margaret M said…
That is an amazing dress. I can't wait to see your daughter in it. I love the colors and fabric. Beautiful!
Amy said…
Oh, man! I can just see your little girl having such fun twirling in this beautiful dress her mama made! Wow, Cora! Well done!


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