Early Birthday Gifts

Well I got a few early birthday gifts this year. This year seems to be a the year for Jim and I not being able to wait to give the other their gifts.

This one was unexpected but a pleasant surprise!

I love these little monsters! They can be found at CurlyQ Cuties Website. Jim got me the blue one for Christmas and I think they will be good friends! And BB and LM will have a whole team of good monsters to keep the bad ones away. They have new super cute fairy tooth monsters, now too, check them out.

Then I have been asking for the Stargate SG1 series on DVD. I expected to get season 1 and then we could build from there. I was super surprised when Jim got me 4 seasons! Costco had a coupon buy one get one free! so he got 4 for the price of 2. so we are having fun watching this series. We are both sci-fi fans!

So even though my birthday is not until next week I am enjoying some of the benefits now.


Jimh. said…
How could I not go a little overboard for such a wonderful wife? Happy EARLY birthday, sorry I could not wait.
I was first. You need to post a photo of u modeling mine. Have a great weekend girly
Grandma Blog said…
You can't stop a birthday. They just keep on rolling in.
Kelly and Todd said…
Happy early b-day to you! What wonderful gifts. My hubby Todd is a huge fan of SG-1 and as a result, I'm hooked as well. Enjoy watching the videos and have a great day!

-- kelly :-)
Joanna said…
I too love those little monsters... It's a wonderful birthday gift...

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