Happy Birthday, You Get a Flat Tire!

So from the title you may have guessed that today is my Birthday. I got up this morning and guess what I smelled, yep, I smelled BACON. Yum, we don't usually eat breakfast on the week days, I normally have coffee and a granola bar later at work but I was not turning this down. Jim made me bacon and hash browns and not the store bought type he cut up the potatoes and the veggies and cooked them all up. What a awesome hubby I have!!

So then I go to leave for work with out my lunch because it is tradition in our office to have lunch for the birthday person on their birthday. I drove about 1/2 our block and something was just not right. I got out and sure enough flat tire. Well it was almost flat so I drove to the local gas station, full service, gotta love that about a small town, and got it aired up. I then called work told them I would be late and took it to the tire shop to be fixed. It was not really so bad, they fixed the tire for free and off I went to work.

Work went ok I hate having to work on my birthday but I will appreciate the sacrifice when I am home with my baby that one extra day. We are having steak and asparagus for dinner tonight. Jim is cooking and after all the food I have eaten today I should be nice and plump for my doctors appointment tomorrow, oh well.

Jim is making me dinner then I have strict orders to stay off line tonight, I think we are going to watch a movie or play some board games, but just have a good time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day, it was so kind of them to have it on my Birthday!


LOVE the photo..
LOVE the shirt.. it looks wonderful on you..
I was sooo going to ask you if you have worn it..
As for the breakfast and dinner.. well must be nice...lol..
And as for not being online.. well he has been on facebook..
Have a great Birthday..
love ya girly..
Wendy said…
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to you Cora!
Congrats on your referral for the adorable BB boy! You must be in heaven. I am wishing you a fast acceptance and travel that he may be home with you soon!

E said…
Happy Birthday, but since you are sworn off the internet tonight... Happy late Birthday! Now the green gunk.. Mine only lasted a few days. My doc gave the the Z-pack of miracle pills! 3 days of antibiotics and no more green. I still have the cough feel like I have asthma at times, but those 3 miracle pills later and I am at 80%! Good luck.
Grandma Blog said…
You got the tire fixed for free!! Must be another benefit of living in a one horse town.
Jim does tend to spoil you a little. But it's your Birthday.

Have a happy one.
Katie D said…
Happy birthday Cora! I hope it's a great one and a great year!
Happy belated Birthday Cora!!!
Anonymous said…
Cora with all my heart and Jim Sr's we wish you a Happy Late Birthday. You were not far from our thoughts yesterday but at times when we either didn't have a phone handy or the time was too early or too late to call. Let's see you are 21 again right? Since I am only 39 for the past how many years? We love you.
Alyson and Ford said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had an enjoyable time!
I have linked you to our recent post.

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