How the Hot Water Heater Betrayed me and Other Tales of Woe

I just need to say that the hot water has something against me. It really does! First I take a shower with luke warm water and I go out to tell my husband that he is indeed going to need to fix it. We have feared this for about a week as the water temperature was going between scalding hot and barely warm in a very unpredictable fashion. As I get ready for work in the bathroom Jim comes in and tells me how good his day is. What? I have been my normal grumpy morning person that I am so why he should be expressing such joy is beyond me. I walk out of the bathroom and he has that stupid smug smile on his face and is practically jumping up and down. THEN I SEE IT! The dreaded SPOON! It has been hiding in our closet for over a year now. I hung it up on the inside wall and I rarely think about it and that is why the evil hot water heater was able to easily betray my hiding spot.

Jim promised to place it out of reach but in clear view. UGGGGG!!! I will now have to find another hiding spot, because I will be able to reach it even if I have to get the ladder out. Some may ask why I don’t just throw it away. Well I have a few answers to that: 1. as I stated in my last post I have trouble letting things go even things I hate. 2. It is not mine to throw away that would just be mean. 3. What fun would that be?

I was going to discuss my work related tales of woe but that would bore you to death. Let’s just say I wish I would have known about all this saving money crap a couple of years ago then I would have spent, spent, spent so that I could stop now and look like the hero. As it is I have always got the best prices on things and spent sparingly so I now I have nothing to cut. I think maybe I am just tired and cranky and knowing I will be looking at the hideous spoon does not help.

Other than all that the April 2007 China group is supposedly out of review. Although we still could get questions from the CCAA for a few weeks it means that we are finally approved to adopt from China from the Chinese officials. So after 2 years they finally got to our file. Now lets hope that it does not take that long to get to referrals.

No new news on BB. I think we are still waiting to have our documents certified and authenticated and all that. But hopefully soon they will be off to Burundi. I will feel much better when the Burundi government approves us. I worry I am getting to attached to the pictures I have and something will happen and the whole thing will fall through. So I just hope that there is a speedy approval there.


onemorebaby said…
For us "newer readers"... what is the significance of the spoon? Do share! Hope you have consistant hot water as well as fast referrals!
Ok... the spoon is killing me...I told you where to send it .. TO MEE... or you know what to do.. our little secret...LOL..
As for us being out of REVIEW..YEA.. I am sooo glad.. now lets hope noone gets questions....and we will be there in 2010..
As for BB .. don't worry.. he will be in your arms soon..
Hope you get the waterheater thingy figured out..
Missed ya last night..
Jimh. said…
Whadya mean hideous!?!?!?! I made that myself! And that last post said you were so proud of my art! What kind of wife are you?

That spoon...that fertility spoon has not even been allowed to work!

Love you!
Okay Jim kinda gave it away in his post. But what is the Spoon exactly?

I hate it when a hot water heater is starting to go out. Showers are no longer pleasant and something to look forward to. Ihope you get a new one soon!

So glad we are out of the Review room. Crossing the fingers that none of us have any questions asked.

It is so easy for me to say be patient when I have a child already that keeps me busy. It will happen Cora for you guys and when it does you will wonder what your life was like before kids.

Wish we lived close so we could go out to lunch or something to chat and encourage each other. I love that you express how you are feeling up or down on your blog. It is real!!

Jimh. said…
Jody, you can find my version here:

and here:

and Cora's version here:

As you can see from the pictures, Cora is a poor judge of art...sad, isn't it?
Jimh. said…
Oh, yeah, and here:
Margaret M said…
Ya'll just crack me up!!! Too funny! So happy you are out of review. I think now that had I waited and had we not gone the special needs route that a. I would not have Graeme (unthinkable) and b. I would be having to withdraw my paperwork due to the divorce (completely unthinkable). There is a plan, it is just revealed to us only as we can handle it.
Grandma Blog said…
At least your hot water heater didn't spring a leak like mine did a few years ago. You know it's going to be a bad day when you step into the utility room at 5 am and water is up to the ankles. I haven't gotten over it yet.
As to the fertility spoon coming on the scene, maybe it's an omen you'll be getting one of those babies soon.
Amy said…
OK. First and foremost...congratulations on making it through review!!! Another GREAT step toward Little Miss! You are getting there, guys!

BB is ON HIS WAY...I just know it! Praying that you will receive happy news VERY SOON...


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