My Husband the Artist

As some of you know Jim is very creative. Almost all the art on our walls was painted by him and I almost love it all. There are a few that have been taken down and painted over a few times and I think they will be done again, someday he will create something for those walls that we just can't bear to see painted over. My favorite by far is the pear that is in my dinning room. I absolutely love it. Then there are the green squares which were my idea but Jim brought them to life and they are great too. He also did a mural in my Mom's Daycare playroom that is amazing, I love it and so do the kids.

That brings me to the paintings he is making and selling to help us with the adoption. They are really cool too. He has sold a couple and has a request for a few custom paintings that he has yet to make. But the first one shipped out today, it is the spaceship one, and I am kinda sad. See, Jim hangs them all up in the living room to be sure they look good and if he does not like them they come down and he re-paints them. So this one had been hanging there for a while and I love it. So I am having trouble saying good bye to a painting, but it does not go with our theme. (More on my trouble letting things go another time but for now just know I am only one or two steps from ending up on some talk or reality show because my clutter is out of control.)

I hope that it's new owners will love it as much as I do. And Jim you better get busy and replace it with another soon! If you want to see more of Jim's paintings check out this post (you'll have to scroll though some other stuff first) on his blog or this post on our blankets and stuff blog.


Love the paintings..
I am thinking that you need to come here in Sept or so and Jim can paint the mural on Izzy's wall..
Looks great..
Hope all is well.. you are hiding..
Love ya girly..
Jimh. said…
I love that you love my paintings! I love you, too.
Grandma Blog said…
Don't tell him I said this because I wouldn't want him to get the big head, but he really does do some fantastic art work.
Margaret M said…
I didn't know that you were both so creative! How WONDERFUL!!!!
Great artwork. Love the mirror sun! Very cool!!

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