My Party, the Pollen Count, and More

I had a wonderful weekend. I got to spend time with my family (minus Molly, we missed you!!) and I got to see some friends. My party on Sunday went off great! It was so nice seeing everyone that could make it and more people came than I expected!! Woo Hoo!

If anyone wants to order, my party is open until tomorrow evening so you can go to Pampered Chef online and enter my name as the hostess when you order. If you need my last name email me at the link in the sidebar. If you are local, give me a call and I can put your order in so it comes to me and I will deliver it. They have some great products I am really looking forward to getting the collapsible bowls and losing the big ones that take up too much space in my tiny kitchen.

Yesterday, the pollen count was as record high and I sure felt it. Those of you with allergies and asthma know exactly what I am talking about when I say I should be watching the pollen counts. I had a huge head ache all day. I ended up coming home at noon and sleeping all afternoon and most of the evening. I took a fake zyrtec yesterday and one today and I am feeling much better. This is why winter is my favorite season, no allergies in the frigid temperatures! I love the temps of spring but don’t like it so much when I can’t go outside because of the pollen. Most people like the smell of wildflowers not me I run from it

Dress orders are kinda at a stand still at the moment. I have a couple to do that I had to order fabric for (Kim and her custom dress, he he!) so I am waiting for that to come in and one more I need to do but that is it. So if you know any one with little girls pass them my info, PLEASE, and remember all proceeds go to bringing our babies home so it is a good cause :0) I am going to take this time to finish up another project that I am doing for Kim and also make a couple dresses for samples because I notice that when I have samples I sell more.


Jimh. said…
I am so glad you are feeling better today! I don't like it when you feel miserable and I can't help make it better. Love you!
I understand the allergy thingy. I take a fake Claritin everyday now and it keeps headaches away! I hope you get more orders soon!! I should do a plug for you on my blog.
Amy said…
Okay, I'm in! May I please order a Knot Dress (in the Cherry Prints!)for Baby Dumpling?

Gracie and I LOVE this dress and these cherry prints with the beautiful blue backgrounds are so lovely. (We're thinking in 3T, please, because only God knows who and how big this little girl of ours will be when she's revealed to us!)

All of your work is beautiful, Cora. I am so excited for you to be bringing home your first baby soon (PICTURES??????)!

I'm happy you are feeling better today. :) OK. I'm off to PayPal!

Hugs to you...
Grandma Blog said…
Summer is nice, but the allergies are awful. We are going to get some more cool weather according to the weather report.
Margaret M said…
I so relate to the allergies. I had to come home from school yesterday and sleep before picking up the kids. I love the dresses and hope to order soon....sadly April 15 hit me hard! I am trying to recover!
I am sooo excited to get the things you are working on for me..
I LOVE your dresses and you have made them sooo Well..
you know me >. .. I will probably have to order more..

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