A new blog.

So I have been thinking about this for a while and I did not think it would ever happen but I have been considering a new blog. Our journey has so changed and grown since I started blogging. It is not all about Little Miss, our girl that we plan to adopt from China. For some time now it has been about us and dealing with the trials and tribulations of international adoption and our lives in general. It is now going to become about our lives with our baby boy from Burundi. So here is the deal-lee-doo what do I do. I don’t think maintaining 2 blogs about our lives is realistic. So do I start a completely new blog with a new URL or just keep the littlemisswhatshername.blogspot.com and change the title of the blog? I would love to start over and make a fresh start but does that mean that I would lose my followers because they all have this site bookmarked? So let me know what you think or what you would do in my situation?

As for the title I think I am going to use the title “No Ordinary Family”. I found a frame at Hallmark about a year ago and this was on it and I just love it. It so fits us. I can not wait to put our family pictures in that frame! The problem if I go for a new URL is that one is already taken with blogger. So if I do decide to change then I need to find something similar that is still available and catchy. I like catchy.

Also do I do a separate blog for travel or is that just to much?

So although I rarely ask non-rhetorical questions of my bloggy friends but please let me know your thoughts!


A. Gillispie said…
Cora, LOVE your blog! I happened upon it when I was doing research on Burundi adoptions. Congratulations on your referral!!!

As far as blogs, what I've done is give ours a very boring URL that will never need to be changed (gillispiefam.blogspot.com) but I have changed the title of the blog a handful of times over the last 3+ years (Our African Adoption Journey, The Long Way Home, and then Banku, Pho, and Fried Spiders). Even though my URL stays the same the title changes as far as google searches and bookmarks go, so it hasn't been a problem. So even if you don't change your URL, you can still change the title and everybody will see that title in links, rather than Little Miss What's Her Name. =-)

Amy said…
I love the title for your new blog, Cora! I wouldn't worry about losing followers with the switch. Are you kidding?! I don't think any one of us would want to miss out on this next leg of your journey! :)

Jimh. said…
I am undecided about spots.
You know my opinion..
I would do a seperate travel blog..
I wouldn't want to get rid of this one..just change the name.. you can change it a million times..
Have fun making up your mind.. it is hard..
I am trying to figure out something to go with mine..
I was actually thinking about this today. I would recommend that you start a new blog for BB and keep this one for LM. Then you can have a record of the wait, the process, adoptions of both...then when everyone is home...merge them into one...at that point you could go with a .com that you purchase through google and they will get this blog pointed in the right direction. I know that having 2 blogs is a lot to maintain, but it will be nice to have those records for each child!

Aren't you glad you are in this position?
E said…
Here is my opinion that you can toss out if you like. I am the youngest child of 4. My oldest sister has tons of stuff from when she was born and pictures, then the twins have a little less, I have 1 baby picture and a few from each year. My Mom did not even have a copy of my birth certificate. The state didn't either but that is a different story. So all I am saying is that it is easier to maintain 1 thing than 4. We all start out with good intensions then life takes over and we have to go to soccer pratice and ballet lessons. The first one is the easiest then time rolls on and it gets harder and harder to maintain. Not saying you love anyone less, just that it happens. Might be easier to have 1 family blog and then scrapbook a book for each child pin pointing the journey. Something they can both keep and later help you create pages. :)
Doreen said…
I agree. I wouldn't change a thing on this blog, just make a travel blog. HA! Like you have nothing better to do!!!!!
A big congrats on your referral BTW.

Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan
Anonymous said…
Either way you go. Just make sure I can follow your journey. This is one of the big moments in your lives that changes the way you think, the way you live and the way you love. Dad and I want to be a part of it even if it ends up in the background. We are so excited for the both of you. Love mom
Charissa said…
Hmm I would go with Erin on this one. Seems the most practical. And if you Give enough warning to everyone they'll follow and if they don't.... so what.

The more kids you have the more life takes over and time is a costly commodity.

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