No Joke

Just incase anyone was worried yesterday's post was the real deal. I am sending everything off to our agency today. I talked to them last night and we could travel as early as the begining of June!! That is the earliest, I expect delays because this jouney has been full of delays so probably July or August.

Have a good Thursday everyone!


YEA......I am so ready ....congrats ya girly
Sounds like the paperwork is moving along! We are so excited for you guys!
Anonymous said…
Yes there may be delays but I will hope not. It maybe a little to early to pack your bags but I hear a shopping trip for a grandma to make. Blankets to make and photo ablums to buy soon. Yeap I am ready but you, two, are more so. Love you mom
E said…
I would to the happy dance for you, but.. I do NOT want to be put back in that white jacket with really long arms and lots of buckles. But congrats.. :)
Katie D said…
Congrats Cora and Jim!! :) I can't wait to meet my newest little cousin. I'm so happy for you.
Amy said…
Hallelujah and please pass the champagne! YIPPEE!!!
Anonymous said…
I have been following your blog since I read about your "blogging Grandma" in the Seattle Times. Just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to you and your family for such wonderful news. The Lord chose to bring you and your son together for a purpose. Congratulations, Mommy and Daddy!

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