Rantings of a Random Nature

I have not posted in a few days, I guess because not much has happened. We had a low key Easter and it was wonderful. Jim and I went to my Mom and Dads for Turkey Dinner and angel food cake with strawberries!!! Yummy. It was just the 4 of us we chatted and watched some TV.

No news on BB. I sent our agency an email today so I hope to hear something soon but I don't expect it will be much because if something did happen they would call. I did dream of him last night. In my dream he was walking and talking and very cuddly it was good until the end when his Mom turned out to be the mother of the other little boy that we were going to adopt last July and she said no we could not adopt BB either. So I beat her up but she escaped on a helicopter, in my dream of course. So apparently I still have some issues with that subconsciously.

I have a problem with my email program. It no longer spell checks. It says that the language is not recognized I thought I was emailing in English but apparently not. So as my spelling is terrible and I totally depend on spell check like a million dollar lifeline, if I send you an email expect it to have some spelling errors. But then again it says I am writing in an unknown language so maybe you won't be able to read it anyway?

What is up with the mobile posting thing, does everyone in the world have a phone with Internet except me? I think it is jealousy speaking but I want that!!! But I really want someone else to pay the bill because I can barely afford our cell phone bill as it is and we just have 2 phones with basic plans and we never go over our minutes. Remember when you could pay your cell phone bill for 20 or 30 bucks? What happened to those days? Any more I don't think we even get a bill for anything that is less than $50. Oh well I just wish my salary would increase with the rising prices but it never does.

I have been sewing away and getting a lot crossed off my list, but I still have a lot to do. I truly love sewing though. It is the perfect thing for me to do because I get to make all sorts of different things and then I get to send them off and make something new. Although now I have a few things that I want to make for myself, like a high chair cover for BB's chair and bedding for his crib, maybe some new curtains for his room. I guess I will have to squeeze that in between projects. If any one knows of a good pattern for one of those wooden restaurant high chair covers please pass it on!! I think I will end up making my own pattern but it would be so much easier and quicker if I already had one.

Alrighty that is enough ramblings for one day. Have a good week everyone!

PS. I just realized that this is my 300th post!! Woo Hoo, do I get a prize or anything? Confetti has yet to drop from the ceiling. I guess it is not that big of deal.


A. Gillispie said…
This will be your last laid back Easter! Next year you'll have a little one to hide eggs for, and buy a basket for, and find the perfect Easter outfit for!
P.S. We had strawberries and angel food cake on Easter too!
Jimh. said…
I hope things hurry up on the BB front...I am looking forward to so many things!

As for 300...I passed that long ago! Hah!

Love you!
Sounds like you have been busy..
As for the dream.. well I think you need to redream that one that correct way.. there is NO WAY anyone is taking my nephew BB..
He is coming home soon..
As for the sewing..
I soo wish i knew how..
Have a great week..
Grandma Blog said…
Atta girl, I sure am glad you beat her up. That'll teach her!!!
Margaret M said…
300th post! Woo hoo!!!!! Your dream and the image of you beating her up...cracked me up! Maybe you didn't intend it that way but I laughed and I sooooo needed to laugh. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!
momtoo said…
Well congratulations on number 300.
I am still trying to get an account that recognizes me on the blog site. For the fourth time I am trying to get it right. I checked out your other site on blankets and dresses and paintings and love it. Hope you sell lots. Enough to keep you busy until it is time to fly away to BB. Love ya mom
Yea...#300!! I have a tracfone...so no internet or fancy stuff.
E said…
I am working on the PC party thing. The cat that I am taking care of departs this weekend and I do not know where or when yet. I am so happy he is leaving I do not want to mess that up for the world! I would say yes cause I already asked a friend to come too, but I am not sure yet. Oh and I have T-mobile but nothing fancy like internet. I just do not see the point yet of buying a phone that costs that much then paying a bunch to have internet on a 2x3 inch screen. But I do want a I-phone! What is wrong with me? It is the commercial! I know it!

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