Reaching the Summit

Well, a burst of engery came after a long winter slumber on the mountian of paperwork, I believe that we have reached the summit! And boy is it a beautiful view! This afternoon I got our last document off to AAO. They are going to be getting all of the authentications done for us this time around. Once those are finished, off to Burundi with the dossier! I can not believe that we might actually be this close. It is truely amazing to me that I might actually get to join the mommy club. I have been looking in the window for some time now and truely think that the door is opening slightly.

I am feeling better today I still don't have my voice back completely and I am coughing a bit but I finally have some energy!


Jimh. said…
I am SO glad you are feeling better! I am also glad we might become parents finally! You'll be an awesome mom!

You took those photos, which I thought were a bit blah, and you made them ROCK! Love it!
Grandma Blog said…
yippie skippie. Happy days are here again.
Margaret M said…
I can't wait to welcome you to the Mommy Club!!!! I am so happy that the paperwork is almost done and am so looking forward to learning more!!!
So happy for you..
Have a great evening..
I am sure you are sewing..
you will be sewing for awhile if you are leaving soon..
The view is good! I hope all this climbing and hard work pays off soon!

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