Working Hard

I have been working hard making dresses like crazy. I posted them on the Blankets and Stuff site. I have really been enjoying sewing and I love that I am actually selling a few. I hope that I am able to make enough from all my stitching to help with our adoption trip. If you know anyone that has a little girl that needs a pretty dress please refer them to my site! It is going to a good cause.


Jimh. said…
or a painting! I love your dresses!
Grandma Blog said…
That is my favorite dress. If I had a little girl I would buy that one. I am very proud of all the things you accomplish.
I need one of those for Izzy..
can't get it yet.. since I just ordered two more..LOL>.
But that is BEAUTIFUL>....
Love ya girly..
Margaret M said…
Happy Easter! I love the dresses! I am going to have to check the budget. I can see Lily Wen in the black and pink one! Pink is her Signature Color!
Michelle said…
We love the dresses!!! I finally put pictures up on the blog, go check them out!

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