I had a great evening on my Birthday. I really like low key celebrations and that is exactly what we did just Jim and myself. Jim made a wonderful dinner and we had angel food cake and strawberries for dessert. We watched Stargate and talked a lot.

I got the best call from my wonderful Niece and Nephew. They are growing up so fast, it was not that long ago that I could not understand a word they said on the phone but last night I actually had a conversation with both of them. Although it is a hard concept for a 5 year to get that I did not have a party on my Birthday and why she was not having cake, LOL. We will have to find some time to get together before the kids go off to college :0).

In the midst of trying to post and getting a bunch of phone calls wishing me Happy Birthday, closing my pampered chef party and just trying to relax, I forgot to wish my good friends Kim and John a Happy Anniversary! They got married 3 years ago yesterday! So Happy Late Anniversary I hope you had a wonderful night. I know you will be celebrating it up big on your vacation in a week, you deserve it!!


Amy said…
Happy Belated Birthday, Cora!

I'm sorry about the flat tire, but it sounds as if you had a great evening with Jim. Just think, this time next year, you'll have a little boy helping you to eat that cake!
Many Happy Returns!
momtoo said…
Oh yeah, next year you will just have to have a birthday party because your son will want to help blow out your candles. Then he will want to have all of us sing the Happy Birthday song. When the present come along, don't think you will be able to open them up without a lot of help from little hands. Here's to next year's birthday.
Jimh. said…
As always, i just enjoyed being with you! Glad you liked dinner.
Glad you had a Great Bday..
I am ready for next year.. BB will have a BLAST..
Talk to you later...
Or you might be busy working on my last order..LOL..

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