25 Months!

We have been waiting for our daughter from China AKA Little Miss now for 25 months. It seems like a long time. I hope that we have that speed up soon. Although we are so much closer to BB. They are both already our children in our hearts we just have not seen what LM looks like yet, we don't even know if she has been born yet. So we continue to count the months until we see her precious face and some day she will know how loved she was even before we met.


Happy 25 months..
LOVE the page.. that is tooo cute..
Have a great day..
I know I love them both to pieces and I have only seen one...and they will know how loved they are..
Bring on the babies..
We will see them soon..
Jimh. said…
So, we've established that they will be loved...can we have them now???PLEASSEEEE???
Grandma Blog said…
Jim, I agree 100 percent. You guys have waited far too long.
Hoping for a speed up!!!! 25 Done!
Great pages! Happy 25!
Kelly and Todd said…
Happy 25 to you both :-). Great digital scrapbook page and beautiful dresses in the post above. Have a great day.

-- kelly :-)

PS - I agree, bring on the speed up already!!!
Amy said…
Anxiously awaiting the photo with you and Jim and BOTH of your precious children in your arms!

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