Hurry Up and Wait Some More

Why does everything take so long? I would just like to know. We got word today that our dossier will be ready to pick up from the embassy on Thursday. I assume that means that our agency will get it on Friday and then we will be DTC (documents to country) sometime next week. I know that these things take time but time just seems to be slipping away. I am hoping that we get approval from Burundi soon after DTC but to be quite honest I think we will see delays here and unfortunately we will not be able to get any information about those delays. Our June travel plans seem like more if a dream, I think we will be traveling in July but that is just my opinion. I just hope that it is not longer than that.

In the mean time we have no new info on BB and I don’t think we are going to get any. I would love to see more pictures or just find out how much he weighs or how tall he is. Does he have any teeth or is he walking yet? What is his schedule like? Anything would be nice but that is not always how things work. So I continue to work on the room and make dresses and blankets and hope.


Good things come to those who wait..
Have a great evening..
We are finally home..
Cute quilt and curtains..
A. Gillispie said…
Cora I'm so sorry the information is slow in coming (or not coming at all). I'd love to talk with you more about Burundi. Can you email me at I'll explain more!
Grandma Blog said…
I know how apprehensive you are because I am right there with you.
Things seem to be moving along lately so maybe it will continue to go that way.
Amy said…
Oh Cora, this has got to be such a difficult time of be so close, and yet...

Praying that action will pick up in pace and that you and Jim will get more info and pictures of BB very VERY soon.

{{{Big Hug}}},
angie said…
You know I'm praying right along with you! Hang in there, you're in the home stretch now!

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