Quilt and Curtians

One of the things that I wanted to get done this weekend was a quilt that I was working on for BB and get fabric for curtains for his room. We are going with a jungle theme and I found this fabulous animal print minky. It is incredible soft! A throw kit was on sale and it will work great in the crib. Almost everything was pre-cut so it went together pretty easy until I got to the binding which is where I fall apart but that is why I just quilt for myself.

Then I got this monkey print for the curtains. We learned from a visit from our nephew that the accordion shade that we have in that room is not dark enough for nap time. I have not started these yet but I think they well be excellent. I got some lining so that they will be dark enough.
So the room is slowly coming together. We still need that dresser but it will come in time.


Jimh. said…
I think the room will look awesome!! You do awesome work!
Grandma Blog said…
It will be perfect. I love the fabric.
Wendy said…
Love it! When do you think you will be able to bring your boy home?
Peta-maree said…
Love love love them. The blanket is amazing. I might have to get you to make one for me. BB is one lucky boy to have a great Mom like you who can sew.
Amy said…
I LOVE these prints, Cora! BB's going to be so happy and cozy in his bedroom!
Margaret M said…
I love the quilt and can't wait to see the room!!!! This is such a fun time!

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