After a weekend away from it all I feel completely rejuvenated. Jim and I spent the weekend at Emily and Ryan's however they were both out of town. We went down there to watch the dogs and have a weekend away from the current stresses in our lives. It was wonderful. Friday night after we got there we got some take out PF Changs, it was excellent. Our fortunes were awesome, I just hope they come true!! One of the things that I have done since we started this journey is to save fortunes when we go to a Chinese restaurant. I have most of them saved in a red envelope in my dresser drawer. At some point I started writing a date and whose fortune it was on the back. These will be added to that collection.

Then we enjoyed the hot tub to soak the week away. I so want a hot tub I would be in it every night it was so good on my joints and my aches and pains. But other than the fact that we don't have the money to buy one, we also don't really have a place for one. Maybe someday we will have my dream home but that will have to wait.

On Saturday we started out the day with sausage and Cinnamon rolls and then headed out shopping. We shopped until lunch and then went to check on the dogs and then back to shopping. I needed summer clothes and Jim needed some shirts, we wanted to get some light weight, cool and fast drying clothing for our trip. I think I did pretty well, I got 4 pairs of capri's, 3 tops, a light weight jacket and a swimsuit. Jim got 3 shirts, also. We also found some cute plates and cups on sale 50% off for BB and LM. Of course there was a visit to Bath and Body for some soaps and lotions. You have to understand that although the Yakima area is getting better there just is not the places to shop as there is in the Tri-Cities.

We ended the shopping trip with a visit to the theatre. We saw Star Trek, it was excellent! I think it will become one of our favorite Star Trek movies. Yes, we are nerds not like dress up go to convention nerds but we both love the shows and the movies.

Then we headed back to Em's, got take out Pizza from a local place, that was wonderful. We of course took advantage of the hot tub again and then sat out by the pool and watched the stars for a while it was so relaxing.

Sunday, I did nothing!!!! really I think I took like 2 naps and hardly moved it was excellent. I did watch some Star Gate SG1 and read a little of the book that I brought but that does not count as doing anything. Jim got in the pool for about 20 seconds but it just was not hot enough or the pool was still too cold. That is Ok we will be back this summer to go swimming for sure. We got home that afternoon and relaxed some more, I did not even take my computer out of the bag until this morning.

Nothing on the schedule for this week except some sewing. It should be a good week.
Hope every one else had a good weekend as well.


SOOOO GLAD you got to get away and relax.. you sooo needed it..
LOVE the plates and cups..
Have a great week..
I missed ya girly..
Jimh. said…
Ahh, it was an awesome weekend. Em and Ry should go away more often! But, I know I was in the pool for at LEAST 23 seconds! Of course, I had to get out in order to breathe again!

I enjoyed spending a nice weekend with you!
Alyson and Ford said…
The plates are too cool! My favorite for AA are the ones with a grip on the bottom to keep from sliding around.
Glad you guys had a great time!
A. Gillispie said…
Those are the BEST kids of weekends!!! One day after you have a house full of kids and are about 4 years into the whole parenting thing those weekends will be even better!!!

I loved the plates and cups you got for the kids. Bugs and babies--gotta love it.

Oh--On Bath and Body Works. Jasmine Vanilla smells EXCEPTIONAL on our African son's skin. It doesn't smell as good on anybody else for some reason. But on him it's heavenly. Maybe it will be the same for BB?

What an awesome weekend! Love the fortunes!
Kelly and Todd said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Good for you on shopping, relaxing, and just having a great time. I love the pictures of the plates/cups you found - how cute.

I have to tell you that I made a sample "rag quilt", and it didnt' turn out that bad. I'm definately going to make it on a large scale for one of my 100 Good Wishes quilts. Thank you so much for your help and answering my many questions. I can't wait to get started.

Have a great rest of the week.

-- kelly :-)
Margaret M said…
So glad you and Jim had some time to get away for just the two of you. It sounds and looks as if you had the perfect weekend! I am so happy you were able to get away and RELAX!!!!! Have a great rest of your week!
Amy said…
So glad you guys had the awesome weekend together!...and those fortune cookies!...there you have it, parenthood is fast approaching!!! (I am a FIRM believer in fortune cookie fortunes. You guys are in for one heck of an awesome year!) :)

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