See updated list below. I am tired, ready for bed and hoping my I recover from my weekend by in time for my week.

Oh and I added a few things to the list like read, watch Grey's Anatomy, wonder aimlessly around costco, plan a menu for the week and get a little fresh air.


Jimh. said…
I think we did well enough. You were planning more than one person could do anyway!

At least we will have tomatoes and Zukes and Cukes this summer!

I had fun nevertheless! Despite the fact that Saturday went too quickly.
Grandma Blog said…
I enjoyed your visit very much and Jim's potato salad was even better than the last one. YUM !!!!
Margaret M said…
I'm impressed you make a list. The last time I made a list, it was so long that I just crawled in bed for a nap (overwhelming!)! I worked on Lily and Graeme's closets all weekends!!! ugh!

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