To Do

I have a few things that I would like to get done this weekend and I know I won't get half of them done but I thought if I wrote them down then I could maybe have a plan of attack. So in no particular order here we go.

  • Organize music on Zune (add lullabys amd more music)Well sort of Em I need HELP!
  • Make at least 2 dresses (Morgan, Olivia)Nope but I thought I had the patterens ready to go so I spent alot of time tracing and cuting
  • Cut at least 2 more dresses (Amy, Kim) See above
  • Get material for curtains in BB’s room (sale at the craft store)
  • Work on cover for high chair No Go
  • Visit Gramma and deliver a surprise
  • Visti Jim’s parents and maybe sister and family? Sorry another time But we are so excited to meet the new animal members of the family
  • Cut some of Kim’s quilt and bag
  • Finish BB’s quilt
  • Pack up girl clothes in totes
  • Look for chest of drawers another time
  • If we get pine draws stain it to match crib see above
  • Get material for lovie and maybe pillows to match quilt? not lovie but the changing table cover, it counts right?
  • Work on rooms so that sewing stuff is all together Not even close
  • Make blanket for order Got material washed and ready to go
  • Make laundry soap
  • Do laundry Well I am not wearing towels to work but not winning any awards either
  • Plant hanging baskets outside and maybe help Jim with Veggies Jim gets most of this credit
  • Back up pictures to external hard drive DVD then delete from my computer Nope
  • See if I can figure out how to make Jim’s plane blog 3 columns Well I tried but I may have to enlist the help of professionals for that one at least I did not mess anything up.
  • Look for CD player for BB’s room Nope no shopping :0(
  • Deliver some of the Pampered Chef stuff that came in I delivered a couple but I don't think they count it was my mom and a daycare mom, not much work involved.
  • work on new sewing project that I can't even tell anyone about yet
  • Go see monsters vs aliens This week I promise
  • Relax a little with an appletini!

I hope that I at least get some of these things crossed off my list this weekend. Does anyone else find thier ToDo List a bit daunting but completely exciting at the same time?


Jimh. said…
Daunting, yes. I am reminded of Ronald Weasely talking about Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Where Ron suggests that no one could hold that much stuff i their minds! Hermione's response is that Ron has the emotional range of a spoon. I feel like a spoon, compared to you...good thing I have an awesome one!!
Grandma Blog said…
Lets put it this way. You have way too many irons in fire. I am anxious to find out what the surprise is. I couldn't even venture a guess.Good luck on all your projects.
Uhm...I sure hope you have about a 9 day weekend cause that is a HUGE list!!!
Oh my that is a lot to accomplish in 48 hours! Good Luck!!!
I would get about maybe 10 things done and then say that is it.

Definitley go see the movie. It is really cute. Gabby enjoyed it1
Amy said…
Cora, the to-do list is so long and daunting at my house, that I have made the no.1 item on the list, "ignore to-do list and go into denial."

I am so excited about Baby Dumpling's dress, but sadly I do not expect a referral ANYtime soon. So please don't let this particular dress weigh you down. It will be a sweet surprise whenever it arrives! :)


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