Weekend List and Baby Carriers

So I have created another to do list but it is just more of the same things but I really think I might get some more sewing done this weekend so that will be good. I am taking next weekend off so I really need to get a lot done but no matter what I going to take it easy next weekend. We do have plans but they are more on the fun/distraction side of the spectrum than they have been lately.

No more news yet on BB I am hoping to hear tomorrow that our dossier is head to Burundi but I know it will more likely be next week some time. I am so ready to go, I mean, I am not really ready but I don't care anymore about being ready I just want to go. It is so funny to me, that in the beginning I really cared about being ready and having all the right things and knowing all the right information but maybe it is just a sign that I am older or more at peace with it all but I figure we will make do and what we need will come in time. If it doesn't we must not have needed it. But that does not mean that I am not going to try and be a little prepared.

The next couple things that I want to get for BB is a dresser or chest of drawers and baby carrier. I made a Mei Tai carrier when we first started this process (well over 2 years ago) and I am going to take that but I have gained a little weight in the last 2 + years of waiting and I am not sure how comfy it is going to be any more. I don't really want to make another one so I am looking into what would be best for both of us. I have my eye on one but I thought I would ask for any suggestions and recommendations. I am going to use a carrier as I do not see a stroller being very practical in Burundi and I believe that carriers help promote attachment. I also want something that will be good for older children and will last though both BB and LM.

So as long as you won't be hurt if I don't listen to a thing you say :0) leave a comment and let me know what you think or what your experiences have been with baby carriers.


Peta-maree said…
all my girlfriends use Ergo carriers and love them they can take up to a 4 year old.
I have one carrier.. and will be buying one of these..
She is actually located here in AZ.. and I met her at my work.. she has a ton of them.. because she makes them and she still will put her little girl in them...
Very comfortable...
You will find the right one.. and carriers are better bonding then strollers...
Have a great time next weekend on your trip...
Jimh. said…
I think, and we all know what you think about MY opinions,we should sew (by we, I mean you) handles into all the kid's clothing. You know, on the back, then we get the added benefit of the child knowing his/her life is in your hands, and, once they get through the initial fear reaction, they will begin to trust us...right??

OK, I was just joking about the life in our hands thing. LOL!
A. Gillispie said…
Cora, I bought a sling from www.slinglings.com to use with Kendi (2) and Ryder (newborn) One thing I liked it that they made for all sizes of women. Secondly, the fabrics were UBER cute! And, it was like $45 for one, or if you bought two you got the third one free. Mine weights less than 1/2 a pound. I could put it in an 8X11 envelope and mail it if I wanted to! But the coolest thing is that I think this typs of simple wrap will feel more natural to her, since she's used to being carried on a back with cloth wrapped around her.
Christie said…
Well, let's see...I think we used a Baby Bjorn - yes we did. LOVED IT. Quint loved it, he could face forward or back - we could ride in the car (no carseats) and he was secure on AB - we walked everywhere with him in that and it had great back support.

Now go and make your choice and I promise not to be hurt.

Amy said…
Cora, have you seen that journal book that's out called "My Life in Lists"? I'm thinking that might be really fun for you and right up your list-writing alley!

We wore our kids in slings on the front when they were itty bitty babies, but found that (our boys in particular) once they were toddlers really loved when we walked around with them on our backs in this sort of hiking with baby backback type thing. They enjoyed the closeness and security of being attached to us, but loved their forward-facing up high views that the backpack allowed. They felt very secure and in-on-the-action at the same time.

That's what happened to work well for us, but I SO will not be offended if you go with something else. :) Here's to you finding just what right for you!

(Isn't it just so fun realizing these decisions aren't just hypothetical anymore...one way or another, you'll be carrying BB close very soon!)

C and G said…
I have a sling, and ergo and a moby wrap. For comfort and for a kiddo over one I'd go for the latter two - the ergo is pricey but I think it's worth the $$$ and you can make your own moby - that's what I did. Anyways - Happy Mother's Day to you - and here's to a short wait for all of us!!!
Anonymous said…
Wraps were very new and thought to be a "Hippy" thing, when I was having babies. It was still the time that most older mothers thought that it was better for baby not to be picked up much. They needed their down time. Good thing I didn't follow that way. I can't think of a better way to love your child but do think about those handles on the back. I sure could have used them a few times. Mom

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