What is wrong with this picture?

hint: it is not that the picture is sideways (stupid blogger always does that to me)

We had fun roasting marshmalows in the back yard tonight. We learned that charcoal is the best for roasting marshmallows or as we were calling them tonight marsh melons. Don't know why we are just silly that way.

So I am not going to make you wait for the next post to get the answer if you were right, good for you if not than just enjoy the answer.

Jim sometimes asks me if I think he is going to be a good Dad, I of course think he is going to be excellent but I think it is a natural question to ask. Tonight he did what would be considered by all to be an awesome dad type thing. When he ran into the store for a forgotten item he returned with the makings for smores, what a great impromptu fun thing to do. I am sure it was product placement in the store but hey he actually bought them. So had our hamburgers and got all the makings for dessert out and started roasting (we had a few before dinner just to make sure they weren't poison or anything.) By this time it was getting dark and I start to get my Graham ready with the chocolate and I notice that it has a weird texture. Yep, they were cinnamon. Not exactly smore grahams. Jim ate his and I quote, he said "well it is interesting, not necessarily good but interesting"

I figure it was a Dad type mistake because you know Mom would have checked the label, right?

It was fun anyway and we will have to try again tomorrow night with non-cinnamon grahams. it was also a good opportunity to take some video.

Happy Memorial Day!


Jimh. said…
That was a pretty good argument for the four food groups...but I think you forgot the Bacon food group.

I dunno about a dad thing, but they souded good and I thought it would be fun. I guess a dad might do that.

This is turning out to be a good weekend! Love you!
Alyson and Ford said…
Yummy and fun! Can't wait to make them too (Dad's don't read labels very well, at least not in this house either!)!
Enjoyed catching up on your news!

Happy Memorial Day!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Months!
Forever Family Day 09/16/08
Service to Children www.fumch.org
Ok..you guys crack me up..
Love the video of the smores..
As for reading labels..
Have a great Memorial Day ...
Looks like a lot of fun! You are going to be GREAT parents!
angie said…
too cute! loved hearing your voice! Now I have a face and a voice to go with it :)
E said…
Ahhhwww you guys are so dang cute and sweet I get a cavity just reading about it. :) You will both be great parents.

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