Whats up!!!

Ok it has been a while since my last post. It is not that I have nothing to blog about but more that I have just not been feeling up to writing very much. So here are a few things I should have blogged about and you may be seeing expansions of the blurbs later but for now here is the abbreviated versions.

We spoke to our agency about a week ago and learned that BB is in foster care not an orphanage. We also learned that our Dossier is on its way to Burundi but we have not heard if it has arrived or not yet. we got no new info in him I would love to get more but I have to accept that it may not happen.

China referrals finally came in. They referred 6 days this time. We are still over 400 LID days away from referral. No real telling what is going to happen in that program but we are hanging in there and after BB comes home we will be going to China for LM.

Our cat ran away for a few days after last weekend. I am a bit worried about what we are going to do when we leave for Africa. We will be gone for about 3 weeks and I hate to leave him indoors he is used to going in and out as he pleases but he gets upset when we are gone and leaves for days. I don't think he would come back if we were gone for so long.

We bought a new washer and dryer, today. We have been discussing it for some time and we did our research and knew exactly what we wanted but unfortunately we got stuck with a sales person that was very annoying. Ours is about 12 years old and we have had to repair many times and it still does not work right so we felt it was time. Although it is really tough to put out more money right now we found a really good deal (with excellent financing) on a set that will stack which gives us more room in our small house. Plus I hope to use cloth diapers so I will need a washer that can handle the volume. It comes in on the 27th! I am trying to decide if i should wait to do most of the laundry :) I am going to craigslist our old set and hope to get a couple bucks out of them.

I have been sewing like crazy not to many new orders but enough to keep me busy. I got 3 dresses done this week and one cut and an extra little bit for someone (you know who you are!) I have pictures of the girls in dresses that I will post later this weekend. they are so cute and they were SO happy to get there dresses.

I have decided on baby carrier options. Yes I said options. Thanks everyone for your help. I looked at many different types and I decided on a ring sling and the Ergo. I have not purchased the Ergo yet but I plan to in the next couple weeks. I am going to make my own ring sling. I got some nice fabric yesterday and today I went to the ranch store (Big R for the locals) and got some rings. I just have to put it together, I hope that my sewing machine can handle the thickness of all the layers of fabric. More to come with pictures later.

We have Pepper this weekend. Toby and Gypsy are lovin the cousin love, She is such a good dog. and even though 3 dogs is a lot we really like having Pepper stay. She loves to be outside with us, when our wimp pups love the air conditioning :0).

I have a lot to do this weekend and I'm off to a great start. Hope everyone is having a great memorial day weekend.


Grandma Blog said…
A working washer and dryer is a must with a new baby. Things are looking up and it won't be long now.
Can't wait to see the new furniture.. and can say that becuase it is ..lol..
I sooo hope they hurry the heck up with BB.. this Auntie wants him home to hold him and kiss him to pieces..
as for the girls.. well next year we are going..I know..
can't wait to see all the great things you have beeen sewing..
Love ya girly..
Jimh. said…
I am glad there is some progress being made on the China part...though wouldn't it be nice if they referred 20 days at a time instead of six?

BB is never going to learn to walk if we carry him everywhere! LOL!

I am glad we made the decision to buy the new washer and dryer. Too bad we were stuck with the most annoying salesperson EVER!

Pepper is fun. She fetches.

I am enjoying our weekend togethr...but, I always do. Love ya!
Sounds like a good weekend. Have you decided what type of dipe you are doing or are you going to sew them yourself? I have a few patterns I can share.
angie w said…
Congrats on the new washer/dryer. We bought a "gently used" stacking set this summer and I LOVE it! Our other set was...no joke...the set my parents got for their wedding!! Like 30 years ago! The dryer died several times and the washer is still ticking (we gave it to a nearby family)

Have a great weekend. I hope to need one of those dresses soon :)
Margaret M said…
It sounds like you are soooo busy. I hope you are taking time for you!

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