World AIDS Orphans Day

Today is World AIDS Orphans Day. I bet you didn't know that. I would list all of the facts that makes this such an important yet little recognized day but I think you would be better served by going to this blog and reading about it there.

This is one cause that I feel very strongly about and yet I often feel that I don't make any difference. I think the most important thing in this battle is education and awareness, it is so easy for us to become complacent in our everyday life. We might have the swine flu to worry about now but if you look at that in relative terms to the diseases that face the majority of the worlds children today it is really nothing. Not only are they at risk for getting some of these terrible diseases but they are at serious risk of being orphaned by them. Who is to care for them then?

I have been criticized on this blog before for stating somethings that I believe to be facts but that does not change the fact that children are dying and being orphaned by the thousand every day. And if even some of that can be prevented isn't it worth us standing up for these kids.

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