401 and Some Unsolicited Randomness

This is how many LID days we have left before we hear about our Little Miss. the CCAA referred 6 days this month. It is pretty much staying constant for now with an average of about 5 days a month over the last 2 years of waiting. I am hoping for a speed up but for now I am just trying to focus on what is right in front of me. While I still think about her and when she will be here I know it will be a long time. Even if they started referring a whole month of LID's at a time we would still be over a year away. It is a long road but the one thing about it is that I know at the end is our Little Miss what's her name(yes she still does not have a name).

In the mean time we heard from our agency on BB, who, by the way, has a name but we are not ready to announce it yet since we don't have approval from Burundi that he is offically ours. We have a lawyer now in Burundi that is handling our case. I am so happy that things are finally moving forward, this being the guinea pig things is no fun. I know that everyone involved wants the best possible outcome but I feel sometimes left out and completely helpless. I wish there was more that I could do to be involved and move things along. But at least we know things are moving even if we don't have any sort of time frame.

We took it very easy over the weekend as we were not feeling well after our travel shots but at least those are out of the way. It is just one less thing to do if we do get approval. I did a little sewing and I am working on a couple of orders this week. I need to find a couple more fabric options as the spring ones I have I may not be able to get any more :0(

When I get time I am going to go though our spare room and eliminate most of my craft stuff. I am never going to scrapbook, I don't even like it. so why did I buy a ton of stuff? I am also going to get rid of a bunch of yarn and other crafty things I will never do again and even if I wanted to I would want something new. I may keep my cross stitching stuff, I really like that even though I have no time for it right now.

I hope every one is having a good week.


I am sooo glad that things are moving along with BB..
He will be here before you know it..
Have a great evening..
A. Gillispie said…
Oh Cora, I hate that you've had such a long wait already, and still such a long wait before finding out who Little Miss is. I'm telling you, it is a special kind of person who can endure the wait that you are enduring.

I'm praying that BB's timeline becomes clear soon, and that you get approval from Burundi.

Michelle said…
Hi Cora! I just responded to your post below about the hot peppers! Too funny!

I have so much scrapbooking stuff, and I need to get on it! I like it, just have to find the time. Are you going to make lifebooks? I have started L's lifebook, and I wanted to have it done by the time she turned 3 (in a few weeks), but that's not going to happen. I hoped to start reading it to her when she turned 3.
Hope you get some good news on when you can travel soon!
Jimh. said…
At least e are getting somewhere now...even if we are none too sure of where we are!

we might someday use that craft stuff, are you sure you want to get rid of it? LOL!
Grandma L said…
That is great news. Maybe something will happen now. Scrapbooking never appealed to me. I know I would make a mess of it so I leave it alone, but I'm like you I have a lot of yarn and other stuff that takes on a life of it's own. Finally you just have to start heaving it out.
A lawyer in Burundi sounds very promising! I hope things move along quickly!!! Can't wait to see BB & get the name...maybe it's Billy Bob?!
401?! Oh...thank goodness that number will only go down. I can't imagine the painful the wait is right now. We were LID 9/29/05 for Lauren. This was right as the wait was increasing. We waited 17 months and found her thru the SN program. I feel so sad for the mommies that have been waiting years! But...it is worth every day. Trust in Him and he will bring your babies to your arms. BIG HUG!!!


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