Craft at Home Shout Out

Diana at has this great feature on her blog where she features people who make things and sell them from their homes called Craft at Home Shout Out. I have been featured in the most recent CAH shout out! Diana has given me so much help in the blog design region she is very talented herself when it come to crafts and blog designing. That is why Blankets and Stuff looks so great. I am also looking forward to someday soon revealing another one of Diana's blog designs but you will have to continue to wait on that one. There is also a giveaway, so head off to Diana Rambles and enter to win one of my peasant dresses or blankets!

This is Diana's little girl Dori in her new peasant dress.

Also don't forget to order a patriotic outfit for the upcoming holiday. You can order just the top for only $20 or the whole outfit for $40. I know you can probably find something cheaper at Walmart or Target but these are well made, hand made items and all profits go to our adoptions! And they are cute enough to wear on any summer day not just on the holiday. It would also make a great secret pal gift for the month of July, it would make a great coming home outfit.


Yes...I totally see this as the perfect Consulate appt/coming home outfit!!!
Love the outfit.. and I wish I had a secret buddy...
love ya.. going to go start my post..
Jimh. said…
I think that little outfit is REALLY CUTE!!!! I hope someone buys some!

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