Do you other bloggers out there ever write posts that you just can't seem to post? And I am not talking technical difficulty but "I just can't bring myself to post it", type. I have had a few of these in the past that are lurking around corners, labeled as drafts. I have one right now that I want and don't want to post. So I was just wondering if I am the only weird one. Since I have had a couple of those in the last week.

I actually think writing and rewriting my posts help me work through the up and down emotional roller coaster ride that is known as adopting your first child internationally after years of infertility, whether they actually get published or not. So if it helps then it is not so weird right? I just don't want everyone running away from their computers screaming when they find out what a basket case I can be.

Quick Burundi update: our documents are there but no other new news.


A. Gillispie said…
You are so NOT weird! Or...maybe we're both weird together. =-) I totally write blog posts in my head that may or may not ever actually be posted. It's like defragging my brain. It helps me work through stuff. I've got a pretty big post that has been brewing for the last 5 or so days, but have yet to actually write it.

Back in the WBB (world before blogs) I kept an adoption journal. I wrote to my baby venting all of the good and bad and ugly I was feeling as we waited for her. It's something she gets when she's 16 and might understand why mommy sounded like a crazy person in some of the entries! But that little journal really helped me get through our first adoption. The first one is definitely the hardest. You'll be a pro by the time Littl Miss comes home.
I usually post what I think.. or if it is something that I don't usually write about I just let you know....LOL..
sorry.. I am not much help.. but this is my thought about the blogs.. I think you should write what you want.. if someone doesn't like it they should go to the next blog and not worry about it..
I don't know if I made any sense at all..
Hope all is well. you know you always have me to talk to girly.
love ya..
Oh. sorry.. as for BB.. I am glad the paperwork is there... hopefully the Bishop has things rolling over there.. and you will be there sooner then you think..
Grandma Blog said…
I have a notebook that I vent in with a pen and after I read it a couple times I shred it.Something about it just makes me feel better. As to blog posting, I write my post in Word and then copy and paste. I save them and have several that I decided against posting. Or I post it and decide, I wish I hadn't said that, so I delete the whole post before too many people get a chance to read it. As far as your ups and downs with the adoption, I know how hard it is to reveal our emotions for the world to read, but maybe it would help.
Jimh. said…
I totally get it! Their are people, even though you may not know them well, that you don't want to torque off or, like you said, make run away from the computer screaming, "That person's a maniac!!"

Unfortuately, I thnk they may do that with me ya!
Peta-maree said…
I have a couple of posts that are sitting in draft form. sometimes I update them but never post them. I consider them my personal vent pages that one day I will either delete or post.
ang said…
Well, I find that I often post EVERY blog I write, only to discover a few days later, I should have thought about that before posting! Oh well, open mouth insert foot! Good thing I can delete posts on typepad!! Hang in there girlie!
It's my first visit to your blog but I had to respond to this post!

I definitely write posts that never make it to the blog - at least in my head. But 14 months after receiving the referrals of our baby boys in Haiti (and still no homecoming date on the horizon) I find myself just crazy enough to post what I feel these days!

You are not alone. :)

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