Shoes, Shirts and shorts

I got a tip off that Ross had Robeez and Sketchers in. So last night we headed out to bargain hunt. BB had no shoes yet I have been reluctant to buy any since we really don't know his size. I bought a pair of Robeez in each size from 12-24 months and a pair of sketchers in a size 5. I probably should have bought the size 6 too but they are summer shoes so I did not want to get them too big. I might go back and get them just because they were only $5, the Robeez were only $8. Score!!

Then today the CocoBonBons stuff that I won on a blog giveaway also came in. How adorable are these? Now if only I could get him home before he grows out of them. I love this the line of clothes and was so excited to win.

I also got this great box of clothes from Angie today, her boys have outgrown them and she passed them on to BB.

I can't wait to have a little boy running around in all these things. I hope we hear something soon.


Jimh. said…
Me too! I can't wait to have a son running around enjoying the summer sun in this stuff!! He is sure to be a heart breaker!! Right after the heart of his old man! LOL!!
LOVE all the goodies.. the shoes are tooo cute and great deal..
OK the cocobon stuff is WAY TOOOO CUTE...
BB is going to look soooo HANDSOME>.
but what nephew of mine wouldn't be handsome ....
You will hear something soon girly..
Keep your spirits up..
Love ya..
AWESOME finds! I wish we had a Ross. Mr. BB is going to be styling!
Grandma L said…
He'll be the cutest dressed kid on the block. I can't wait either.
Michelle said…
I hope you hear something soon too! He will look adorable in those clothes!
Anonymous said…
Wow! BB sure will be the cutest little boy on the block. I too wish you'd hear soon about getting out there and buy your tickets for your trip. Those shoes were a great buy. mom

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