Shots and the Hotest Jalapeno EVER!

So the week finally ended, I was worried that it never would, but it did. I got to leave work a little early on Friday it was so exciting we got to go to Fred Meyer and get travel shots! I know you are jealous but trust me they are not all that great. True I will probably now not get yellow fever, polio, typhoid, or malaria (actually Malaria are pills that we take when we travel that come with a whole exiting new set of side effects) but I can tell you they all came with there own set of joy. We had to get the injectable typhoid because you can't have 2 live vaccines with in about a month of each other or they don't work as well. But if you have ever had a tetanus shot (we were up to date on that one THANK GOODNESS) I would say multiply your arm soreness by a couple of factors and you got the typhoid shot. Now hopefully I don't get any of the other side effects which include but are not limited to achiness and fever, basically like you had the flu. My joints always ache so that I can handle, the other stuff I can handle too but that is why we did this on a Friday and we have no real plans this weekend.

I handled the shots much better because I paid for them first. So the true pain was over. I was not prepared for that price tag!! I forgot to transfer money from our savings (adoption fund) to the checking account but I figured there was a bit over $400 (I could not remember exactly how much) in there so I would transfer when I got home and we would be fine, I thought they could not be that much. OOPS, As my favorite all time teacher Mr. A used to say in the 6th grade, "that's what you get for thinking" It came to $492, at that point I picked my jaw up off of the floor and looked like an idiot trying to decide which account to use. After a brief financial discussion at the pharmacy counter, I figured if there was not enough money in that account the debit would not go through right and I would just transfer the money as soon as we got home. Well it went through and all was well or so I thought. When we got home I checked the account and we were overdrawn $60, luckily our bank transferred the money from the savings account for us and even more lucky they only charged me $4, whew!! that was close.

After the needle jabbing we decided to go out to Mexican food for dinner (we had some cash saved up for that in case you are wondering). We found this awesome new restaurant thanks to a local blogger friend that pointed us in the right direction. It has really good fresh authentic Mexican food. So our plates came out and they had this charred jalapeno on the plate. It looked great and although I can handle spicy food quite well I thought that looked like too much for even me to tackle. Jim then took a small bit of his, he said it was quite good and not very hot. Yea, oh yum I am going to give it a go. I pick it up and carefully take a bite out of the end, and then fire starting shooting out of my mouth, literally I swear. My eyes started watering, I assume in attempts to put the fire out and smoke escaped out of my ears. Jim I think thought I was being a baby or said I ate the seeds (which I did not) So after the flames died down a bit I convinced him to just try mine. He took a tiny (read itty bitty) bite and said at first oh that is not too bad then it hit him. He turned quite red and I think all he got out after that was "OT" the "H" was consumed by fire. It was a good meal though, but I still have not found my favorite dish. I guess I will just have to keep going and trying new things.

So after all that I lost a couple of taste buds in the great jalapeno fire of '09 and my arm is still pretty sore but I think it will be a good weekend. Hope everyone else is enjoying a good Fathers Day weekend. Oh and for those that will ask, Jim got his present yesterday I think $250 worth of vaccinations is the best gift, yet don't you agree? (but I might make his some fresh blueberry pancakes with my good arm)


Jimh. said…
I don't think you mentioned how SORE our arms are!

Yes, that was a HOT jalepeno! I could ot believe the difference between the two! WOW!

We have to go back there, I really like their food.

Well, I hope we can get a few things done...with one arm!
Grandma L said…
Jalapeno peppers are are not for the faint hearted. Sounds like travel plans are coming up very soon with all those survival shots. I'm sure glad you got them.
When I saw the title of this post I was thinking you guys got drunk last night (sorry...just got back from seeing The Hangover)...LOL!
WOW.. I am thinking the shots are a WONDERFUL gift.. and that is way more then John is getting...
I will take some fresh blueberry pancakes..
Have a great weekend..
amy said…
Noticed you are waiting on an LM..We have an LM that we got in March, she is LynnMarie ChunAi are a HOOT! Sorry about the shots...ouch! I love Mexican food...especially authentic!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for stopping by. I need to
add you and I'm now a follower. I
do too love authentic mexican food
luckily here in AZ we have alot of
choices!!! Have a wonderful Father's Day. I hope you get to have your kids home very soon!!


Anonymous said…
Here's wishing you a Happy Father's day too. Hope you both will feel better soon. love you dad and mom h
Debz said…
Was just about to call the travel clinic for our second set of shots....I'm chickening out now! IKES! Ok not really I try to just look away, bite my toung, swear in my head then confess! AHHHH!
As for the peppers! BRING IT ON BABY! The hotter the better. If I'm sweatin when I'm eating it must be good! I once took a dare to eat hot wings with 1st degree hot sauce...I totally won hands down....Sugar and spice is niiiiice.
Ps. Did you find me some off white fabric? Let me know and I'll order and pay for my stuff.
Have a wonderful day!
Hugz Debz
Michelle said…
Oh my! I can't believe that happened with the peppers~yikes! I have never been served any there. I always get a chicken sopito with a chicken taco, rice, and beans. I then eat ALL Of the salsa they serve. Well, at least you will have a memory!

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