Weekend Projects

Well I had great expectations for this weekend and I ended up being kinda lazy Saturday, which I don't get to do that often so I was nice. We did go grocery shopping and get some other stuff and I did do a some laundry and I read outside in the lawn chair and we watched the clouds. Sunday, I really got into my projects. I made a new cover for the changing table. I even made the pattern myself, I am thinking about selling if if I can get it into pdf form. People do that all the time on ETSY. I thought it would be kinda cool.

Then I have been talking about this sling I am going to make for a while and I finally made it. It was pretty easy but took a bit to figure out. I cut the fabric to the desired width and then I did a rolled hem with my serger all the way around the edge (I should have not done the top edge but that is OK) then I folded it in pleats and basted it together and then I put the ring in it and stitched together in a couple of rows of a decorative stitch (well the best my machine can do). It seems easy but it was harder than I thought to fold and sew the pleats around the rings. But I got it done! and I am very proud of it not id BB does not like the ergo we have a second option. It only cost me about $10 to make the sling since I found the fabric on sale. Here are some pictures of me trying it out with the cat. Please excuse the no make up greasy hair look. I never went out into public yesterday.

The cat even hung out in back for a bit (it looks like he is escaping but he was just turning to see what was going on.) He is the best cat ever!

I spent the rest of the day working on a high chair cover, that did not turn out the way I had hoped so I am going to have to make some modifications before I show it to the world. I was going to start on the curtains but did not get that far, maybe later this week.

Jim worked in the yard and did some things around house too. He got the Washer and Dryer cleaned up and put on Craigslist. We got a call last night and someone is coming over today to get them! Now we just need to sell the cars. Anyone need a 77 Buick Skylark, only 2 owners runs fantastic but need some cosmetic work or a 97 Mazda Protege that needs a new head but other than that is it pretty good condition?

So all in all it was a good weekend. We are really hope that some progress is made on the adoption this week but it is totally out of our hands at this point. Apparently, the last 2 weeks have been taken up figuring out a banking issue. But I would say, we are ready to go get him so I hope that we hear some good news soon.


Love the new things you made..
Glad you sold the washer and dryer..
can't wait to see the kids room..it is going to be sooo cute..
Have a great day..
Bring on some news of BB..amd babies from China...
You are very talented! Luv the things you have made. Have a great week.
Grandma L said…
I really did laugh outloud when I saw the picture of you and Sully in the sling. He is a cutie cat.
Sounds to me like you're making great progress. I love that sling. You find the neatest fabric.
OMG...that changing table is just the CUTEST!!!! Love it!! Great job on the sling too!! Very talented!
Margaret M said…
Love your projects. It is fun to see what you create!

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