27 months

Well it has been 27 months of waiting. It has been a lot longer than that but that is how long we have been in the line waiting for our daughter from China. It has not been easy and I am not sure when it is going to end but here we are at 27 months. It dawned on be the other day that a pregnancy is 9 months and 3 time 9 is 27, so we have been waiting 3 pregnancies worth. I often wonder if we made the correct decision. There were a few paths that we could have followed and with none of them came any certainty and almost all of them had significant financial risk. So we followed the path that seemed less risky at the time because we do not have unlimited funds and here we are 27 months later still standing in the seemingly never ending line.
We will someday have Little Miss in our family it is just taking a heck of a lot longer than we expected. I believe that I am being taught some sort of extreme patience that few are ever tested with.

So on the anniversary of being 18 months overdue, I went with my sister and a friend and got a pedicure and spent some time in Emily's pool, it was very relaxing. And I do love having pretty tootsies even if they are always in my shoes :0)


Good for you to get a pedicure and relax by the pool! 27 months is a long time!
Happy 27 months...
And having a pedicure and relaxing by water is my cup of tea..
Love ya.. we are in this together.. one day we will no longer be counting down the months to get them. but counting the months of how fast they are growing..

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