Can you say Sinusitis?

Yeah, neither can I. But that is what is apparently going on in my head for the last couple months. Sinus headaches are nothing new to me but this year they seem to be pretty persistent then I started to get this wheezy thing in my chest so I decided to call the doc. Yep, I am on antibiotics, an inhaler, and nasal spray for a couple of weeks. If the headaches are not gone in a about 10 days she wants to do more tests but you know what that means more money out of my pocket, that is not there in the first place. So I am really hoping that everything clears up in a few days.

So as I feel better and spend less time in bed I hope to be back to the blog more. It is also been tough to blog on an adoption blog when it seems like NO progress is being made in an adoption. I have not been dealing very well with that lately. It could be that when you don't feel well it is tough to maintain a positive attitude. I am hoping this is the low part of the roller coaster and soon we will be riding back up again.

Hope everyone is well,


Sorry to hear about the news.. but on a good note. you will get better now and feel better...
As for the adoption stuff.. ALL I can do is give my advice.. and keep your chin up.. good things come to those of us who WAIT.. and we are waiting..
Love ya girly..
Jimh. said…
Hmmm, can you hold off until Barrack gets the new health bill through? It sounds good to me, since we are NOT in the "Making too much money" category! Hope you get feeling better SOON!
Grandma L said…
You gotta get better, you're going to be taking a trip very very soon. It's not going to be a day trip.
(((HUGS))) I hope the meds work and you feel better QUICKLY! And I hope things move up on the adoption front SOON!
Kelly and Todd said…
Feel better soon Cora! I'm sorry that you are so sick. I think we must be on the same roller coaster ride. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm sitting in the seat right next to you. Hang in there - it will get better, and soon we will be riding back to the top again.

-- kelly :-)
a Tonggu Momma said…
I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well and that the wait is so very long right now. Hang in there!
Alyson & Ford said…
Hoping you are better now!
As to the long wait, we listened to our heart and said payers for a daughter, we looked "domestically" too. Your daughter is waiting for you no matter where she is; that kept us going, that we had a daughter already in our heart.
Hoping for more CCAA progress.

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