A Month of Sunday's

This was an expression that was used often in my house as a child. It took me several years to understand what it meant but I did not truly get it until we experienced this wait first hand. I would gladly have waited a month of Sundays for our Little Miss but instead we are waiting a Chinese year and a half. When we started this process we thought that the wait was going to be about 18 months, boy did they get us. After a 27 month wait we are 399 log in days away from referral. The average number of days that have been referred since we have been logged in is 5.3. The average days that they have referred this year is only 3.7. I don't project out those numbers because quite frankly it is depressing and I have been depressed quite enough lately, thank you very much. I know they can choose to speed up at any time but that has no been the trend in the last 3 years. I know some people will say that these months were large in numbers of LIDs and the speed up is coming but that speculation has been out there for the last 2 years and I need facts. So these are my facts and I am holding on to them until they change. Do I hope for a speed up? Hell Yeah! but I can't speculate it hurts too much when it does not come true. So I start telling people "that will happen in a Chinese year" or "you'll be waiting a Chinese year for that" I might get a few silly looks but I think it might catch on, don't you.

On a positive note I have started a new ritual for referal days. I got this cute little piggy bank for $2 at the local grocery store. For every day that China refers I am going to add a dollar to bank and here and there I might add a few extra bucks. The hole in the bottom is really to small for anything to come out. So come referral day after we put in our last dollar we will have to smash it to get it our fun money out. That will be an awesome day!


Jimh. said…
Well, I am beginning to think that the Burundi Month was MADE IN CHINA! Makes you wonder if we will EVER become parents, every choice seems to be the wrong one. Still, at the risk of sounding maudlin or corny, we have each other. ...and we will have a piggy bank full of money!

Love you!!
Grandma L said…
Why you??? Of all the people in the world. I ask myself over and over. Why are some things in this world so unfair and heart breaking. No rhyme or reason that we can see. Everything is suppose to have a reason. What could it possible be??????
OK... enough of the downess.. you know me... POSITIVE.. you will have your babies soon... GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT.. you know me.. and you know what I think about China... as for BB I think it will jump out and bite you soon...
I am sooo ready to hug and kiss my nephew.. as for the pig and the money... I am thinking I should do that too.. that sounds like FUN..
Keep the faith..
and guess what.. IT IS FRIDAY.. you get to relax...
Very cute piggy bank. While I hope that it's FULL when LM's referral arrives, I hope that it's sooner rather than later.

Have a good weekend!
Kelly and Todd said…
Hang in there Cora! It will get better one day I just know it.

I have to tell you that I love your piggy bank idea and may just have to do the same thing for us. What fun it will be to break it.

Have a great weekend -- kelly :-)
Alyson & Ford said…
Rituals while waiting is a good thing to keep you focused on your wait for your child (and you're saving money!). Sorry it is such a long wait. We had our peaks and valleys yet we only waited from LID date, 31 months. I really feel for those who will be waiting longer.
You will be rewarded for your patience!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Ten Months

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