28 months

Although, our Burundi adoption is much closer (hopefully) we are still waiting for our daughter from China. A journey we began more that 28 months ago but 28 months ago is when we stepped into the official line.


Michelle said…
So really, you started much earlier than that with all the paperwork and all. Praying things speed up with both adoptions quick!!!
Kelly and Todd said…
Yeah for you on having 28-months behind you. Here's hoping we have less than 28 months to go.

-- kelly :-)

PS - I found a silver piggy bank at Target last week and I'm going to stuff it with $2 when I get home. I just love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Congrats on 28 months done!
Happy 28th LID.. you know my whole prediction..
I am with you on speeding up ..
LOVE the page..
I still need to get me a piggy bank..
Jimh. said…
I can't wait...and yet...we don't have much choice..
Margaret M said…
28 months closer to that sweet baby girl. Hugs!

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