Almost Before and Not Quite Done Yet.

So this weekend was spend working on the baby's room, well mostly. We also got new phones! We had to order them so they will come in later this week, we are both excited since our phones are about 3 years old and showing their age.
So most of the time was spent cleaning out the room and shampooing the carpet. It was important to me to get it cleaned first. I also put together the cubicle shelf we got a couple weeks ago. The shelf is actually going to go in the closet because we won't have space for it and the bed. I am fine with that because as it turns out the color was not what I thought it was going to be, oh well. So we are going to get a smaller one to put in the main room as a night stand. It is actually no where near done the curtains are just hanging up with clips for effect and we are going to add a twin bed in there when we get it.

Sorry the pictures did not turn out very good and I should have taken before pics with all the junk in the room but I forgot until we were half way through.


It is actually starting to look like a kids room not a storage room with a crib.


LOVE it.. it is coming together wonderfully...

Is that stand with the green boxes going in the closet????
or staying..
Where are you going to put the 3 I get you???
can't wait to see BB in there..Hugs..
It looks wonderful. I like the soft yellow walls. That storage cube is just perfect. I can't believe how well the baskets match!
Jimh. said…
You do such good work! It looks great!
A. Gillispie said…
Oh so cute!!! What a neat place he will get to sleep!
Grandma L said…
I love it and can't wait to see him in that crib. You have done a great job.
cp said…
CUTE! My favorite part are the matching animal skin patterned pillows
Kayce said…
Love the animal prints! The room looks great Cora!
Christie said…
Kelly and Todd said…
Super cool bedroom. I love all of the animal print and I'm a huge fan of the hand painted changing table. Great job!!

-- kelly :-)

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