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In case you could not tell from my previous posts I have been in a bit of a funk lately. I just have not felt like doing anything but I think I am starting to come out of it. I spent yesterday sewing! I have no orders right now but I wanted to do a few things for me (LM) and some for a friend.

Jim and I have been "working" on the back room for a while. Well, this weekend he got the desk cleaned off and moved to a more central location in the room. I was able to move all my sewing stuff off of the kitchen table and into the room. I have a little TV for entertainment and I also have enough room for my lap top if I want to watch a DVD or Hulu. It is still cluttered but that is us. We do our best but I need to accept we are always going to be a bit cluttered and it is OK. So the rest of the house kinda suffered from this project but it was so nice to have everything where I could get to it.

The only problem is that the room is not air conditioned and it is on the south side of the house. I have a fan to blow the cool air in but it is still a few degrees warmer than the rest of the house. Hopefully I will find this a great work place and can keep busy during the long wait for our babies. Look for my latest projects coming soon...


Very nice... glad you finally have your own little space..
can't wait to see the new designs..
missed ya...
Charissa said…
Waiting in great anticipation. You are a wonderful seamstress.
Grandma L said…
This heat will soon pass away. I wish!!!
Looks very organized. Have fun!
Love it! (not the heat part)
Oh... I'm sorry you have to sew in the heat! I have the opposite problem...I freeze in the basement. Although it may be 90 degrees outside I sit here with sweatpants and a space heater running. I'm glad you were able to move from the kitchen to your own little sewing space! That makes a huge difference!

Happy Sewing!
Jimh. said…
And it is so much quieter in the living room now! I can watch Deadliest Catch in peace! LOL!

glad you like it! Love ya!
Debz said…
I have plans for a room in our bacement for all my crafts. It's on my to do list before China....hope it takes shape soon cause we only have 5 weeks left.

Looking forward to seeing your latest projects!

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