Crazy Pets

I have not been blogging much lately because I thought I had nothing to blog about but after thinking about my morning I realize that it was blog worthy.

It started about by being woke up to my dog howling in bed. He never howls, barks, but howling is rare. So he woke me up out of a particularly nice dream about firefighters, bummer. I am sure it was because of the sirens in the neighborhood but it was a bit weird.

Then as I was getting ready our cat Sully walked into the house (they use a dog door). He had something stuck to his fur. I picked him up and EWE! it was a fly strip. You know one of the ones that come in a roll and people put in their garages to reduce the population of airborne insects.

Instinct kicked in a I grabbed the paper with my hand and then logic took over, that is really gross I don't want to be touching it. So I washed my hands, 3 times with scalding water. I grabbed a bar towel and I used the towel to pull off the rest of the paper. The towel is going in the garbage with the paper because, yuck!

So now I have the pleasure of bathing our kitty. That should be a joy. Actually he is OK to bath. He is the most laid back cat ever. But he tends to get into interesting situations that require baths. I believe the last time we had to bath him he came home covered in used motor oil. I would love to know who's garage he is visiting.

I promise bath time pictures, then we will attempt to shave his belly since he can't seem to keep himself clean, maybe video would be more appropriate.

What kind of crazy things do your pets do to you?


The funniest is Delilah will lay on her belly and move back and forth with all her legs out.. she scratches her belly.. always has..
it is soooo funny.....
Jimh. said…
You should see the photo I took of Toby before I left...his head is the only thing out of the covers.

As for the cat...he is the strange flying, swimming, jumping cat who thinks he is a dog.
angie w said…
So Lucy ate an entire package of hubba bubba tonight? Should be interesting when know. And Hoagie (aka Lord Tinkle ....) ate a box of Jude's brand new school crayons, dug em right out of his backpack. Let me say, his latest movement was colorful! Gross!
Anonymous said…
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