La De Da

The summer has been slow for blogging not much going on around here. We have been harvesting the tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, zucchinis, and squash that we planted this year. we have been avoiding the heat on hot days and soaking it up on the not so hot days. We went to the Hop Festival last weekend with My Mom, Dad, Emily and Ryan and had fun. I walked a ton! I need to start walking more so I was pretty happy with my self.

On the waiting for BB front. We got a email last week that said they were going to be sending our case to the courts. We of course don't know when but this is a huge step! We were so excited to read the Bishops words that we would soon have our baby boy! Our adoption agency is having their annual picnic this weekend in Seattle and we are still on the fence about going. If it was local I would totally go but we are really trying to save the bucks lately and we know that if we drive all that way we will be spending money. So I think we might stay home and work on BB's room instead. I still need to finish his dresser and get it put together.

Does any one know of any cute jungle bedding for a twin size bed? We are probably going to put one in his room with a ton of pillows so it can be used for reading stories and cuddle time.
I guess I could make it? Although I still need to make him curtains I have had the material for weeks. Oh well, it will all eventually get done, right?


I want some tomatoes, cucumbers and corn... coming over...
As for BB... bring on the courts.. you will pass with flying colors...
I am sooo ready to see my nephew...
As for BB's room.. yes I want to see it all done..and then soon he will be sitting in that cute little bed..
love ya girly..
Things are finally coming together..
Hum...picnic in Seattle? Do you have other things you need to do in Seattle? If not, then wait til next year when you can go and show your gorgeous baby home off!

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