A New Week Begins

The weekend is over and here we are starting another week. I have been a bad blogger lately I have just not found much to write about. It looks like I am not the only one, every morning when I look at my blogs I seem disappointed that there are so few new reads, oh well. I think it is the time of year. People are busy outdoors or spending time with family. That is great I hope that everyone is really enjoying their summer.

Jim and I had grand plans for the weekend of getting stuff done around the house. We did not get very much completed. I seemed like we were busy all the time but the projects were a little more than we expected. BB's dresser is almost done it needs a clear coat and then we will move it into the room. I am not that happy with the way it turned out but it is passable and I am not up to sanding it down and starting over.

We have also decided on a shelving storage unit for the room. I am going to get that this week since it is on sale. I am not sure how all this furniture is going to fit in the room but we will some how make it work.

I worked on the curtains but they are turning out to be more of a project than I anticipated. I have the fabric panels cut and now I just need to cut the lining and sew together. Sounds easy huh? This is the fabric that I am using for the curtains and I am thinking about using this or this for the bedding what do you think?


You know my thoughts.. I like them both though..
Love the curtains.. can't wait to see them done..
Have a great week..
I am getting ready to do a long post.. that is how it always is.. no post then LONG post..lol..
Jimh. said…
I LIKE the Tan Elephant. Just me, you hubby.
denise said…
The curtain fabric is super cute. I like both bedding styles, but I think the first is my favorite (sorry Jim). It's just so fun.
Margaret M said…
Love the fabric. I am with you as of the slow blogging. I am exhausted just getting through work and our new evening routine that there is not much energy left. Hopefully this will change! Can't wait to see the curtains! I wish I had your talent!
I say the Safari. I think it will match all the different items in the room...curtains with monkeys, AWESOME changing table, etc.

Come on courts!
Kelly and Todd said…
What a tough decision. I like them both, but #1 would be my first choice as it is more fun and lively. I can't wait to see the room all together. I love the curtains!!

Have a great night -- kelly :-)

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